Tektites P. 3

Established 1982


Updated 15 March 2016

Moldavite   Currently sold out

The tektites from Czechoslovakia have been known for centuries and are commonly called Moldavite. Dating back nearly 15 million years ago, Moldavite is a natural green translucent glass found in the Moldau Valley of the Czech Republic. Moldavite is associated with the Reis meteorite crater in Southern Germany. Most people familiar with Moldavite believe it to be the most beautiful of all tektites; some believe Moldavite to posses mystical powers. Either set in jewelry as a complete stone, faceted, or carved for pendants, the incredible green color of Moldavite captures everyone's attention. Moldavite is categorized into several levels of quality depending on color, structure, and size. It may be referred to as museum or collector quality. It is important to be aware that much of this material is damaged in some respect; therefore, superb large undamaged pieces can command very high prices, especially pieces weighing more than 50 grams. The specimens we carry are of excellent quality, each having been selected for shape and surface texture since many will be worn as jewelry. All of the examples shown here have been carefully hand selected by Earlene from thousands of pieces available. They have absolutely no damage and will become proud possessions whether as display specimens or used in jewelry! The Besednice specimens are considered by many collectors to be the most beautiful of all Moldavite due to the unusual shapes and translucency of the pieces. Enjoy!