Established 1982


Mineral dealer, minerals for sale, mineral specimens, and rocks and minerals all relate to many of us who earn our living being professional dealers at various "Gem, Mineral, & Fossil Shows" around the country. Our little part-time mineral store has evolved into a much larger and diverse business than we originally anticipated but mineral dealer still describes us best. On the other side of the coin, just who and what are these people called mineral collectors? The following few examples may be of interest.

Mineral collectors are a very diverse group of people ranging from the local postman to college professors, from corporate leaders to the housewife next door, and from blue collar to white collar. No matter what their backgrounds and employment might be, these people all share one common connection - an interest in those beautiful (and sometimes not so beautiful) combinations of chemicals we call minerals. Some collect a broad range of minerals, others specialize in a single family (fluorite, barite,  calcite, or tourmaline, for example), whereas others collect specimens from a specific state, country, or continent. A sizable group collect fluorescent minerals (minerals which change color under ultraviolet light) while others collect pseudomorphs (unique situations where one mineral replaces the host mineral but retains the structural shape of the host mineral). Most though collect randomly - choosing those mineral specimens which catch their eye. Being a mineral dealer, we personally know examples of each kind of collector noted. No matter how you collect, enjoy it! The whole purpose of collecting is to learn, relax, and enjoy.

We specialize in thumbnail, miniature, and small cabinet size mineral specimens for sale, mostly crystalline examples on matrix. Our inventory changes constantly as new specimens are added and existing inventory items are sold. And, with each passing year we wonder what new and exciting mineral will burst upon the collecting market. We have chosen several representative examples from our inventory and show them on the following pages. In many instances we have additional examples of the minerals shown, as well as numerous other and different mineral specimens. Should there be a particular mineral of interest, please contact us and we will let you know what we have in our inventory.

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