Meteor P.8a

Established 1982


Updated 20 February 2018

GAO-GUENIE, Burkina Faso - Witnessed Fall

Multiple stones fell on 5 March 1960 near the town of Leo, located near the upper Volta-Ghana border, Gourounsi, Burkina Faso. The meteorite was classified as an H5 chondrite.
11.8 grams, 100% crusted complete stone, $17.70

6.4 grams, 100% crusted complete stone, $9.60


Some 1600 kg of meteorite shrapnel was found in and around the Kamil impact crater by an Italian-Egyptian team in February 2009 and February 2010. Classified as an Iron, ungrouped, these meteorite pieces have interesting shapes. The meteorite surface sitting in the desert sands show some terrestrial weathering but it adds to the uniqueness of the specimens. The specimens offered here were hand picked for their character.

69.0 grams, $68.00
Gebel Kamil, 110.7 gms.jpg (99818 bytes)
110.7 grams, $89.00
Gebel Kamil, 38.4 gms.jpg (79842 bytes)
38.4 grams, $38.40
Gebel Kamil, 51.7 gms.jpg (86684 bytes)
51.7 grams., polished slice, $51.70


This L5 chondrite was found in the desert of Oman in 1954, and was later classified as an L5 chondrite. It is further classified as black and xenolithic. With a deep brown color, Ghubara is an attractive and inexpensive addition to a collection.
4.3 grams, $8.60

4.1 grams, $8.20

3.1 grams, SOLD
Ghubara, 2.96 gms.jpg (30667 bytes)
2.96 grams, $6.00

GIBEON, Namibia

The Gibeon meteorite was initially discovered on the East side of the Fish River in Namaland, Namibia, in 1836. Tons of this meteorite have been recovered over the years and, with the use of metal detectors, the fall area has been cleaned of material. Gibeon has been classified as an Iron, fine Octahedrite, IVA, with silicate inclusions. Lager specimens exhibit some of the best "thumbprints" known in meteorites.
4.8 grams, $14.40

5.4 grams, $16.20


The Gold Basin meteorite was found in Mohave County, Arizona, in November 1995 by a gold prospector. This is an attractive and reasonably priced L4 chondrite. 

108.5 grams, partially crusted (upper right) broken stone, $85.00
Gold Basin, 12.5 gms.jpg (104872 bytes)
12.5 grams, $31.25
Gold Basin, 5.4 b gms.jpg (112662 bytes)
5.4 gms, $13.50
Gold Basin, 3.3 gms crust.jpg (94173 bytes)
3.3 grams, crust on right edge, $10.00

HARLETON, Texas - Witnessed Fall


A single stone fell on 30 May 1961 in Harrison County, Texas, and was recovered within minutes after the fall. Harleton is classified as an L6 chondrite and most of the material is held within the Smithsonian.  Harleton, 1.13 gms.jpg (34599 bytes)
1.13 grams, $100.00

HAXTUN, Colorado  

A single weathered stone weighing 15.5 kg was found in a wheat field near Haxtun, Phillips County, Colorado, in August 1975. Haxtun is an L4 chondrite with a rich brown matrix and very little metal flecking. These specimens were obtained from Blaine Reed many years ago and were "lost" in my office until recently.

3.48 grams, $10.50

Haxtun, 2.83 gms.jpg (35109 bytes)
2.83 grams, $8.50
Haxtun, 3.15 gms.jpg (29731 bytes)
3.15 grams, $9.50
Haxtun, 2.10 gms.jpg (27928 bytes)
2.10 grams, SOLD
Haxtun, 2.48 gms.jpg (24308 bytes)
2.48 grams, $6.25
Haxtun, 4.33 gms.jpg (49088 bytes)
4.33 grams, $13.00

5.7 grams, $14.25

HEBRON, Nebraska  


In the summer of 1964, a farmer was plowing and felt the impact of the plow head on a stone, which was determined to be a meteorite. Hebron is classified as an H6 chondrite and most is held in a private collection. The find occurred in Thayer County, Nebraska.


Hebron, 1.00 gms.jpg (28107 bytes)
1.00 grams, SOLD
Hebron, 7.7 gms.jpg (81328 bytes)
7.7 grams, $54.00, in 5 cm by 5 cm plastic box
Hebron, 6.0 gms.jpg (89919 bytes)
6.0 grams, $42.00, in 5 cm by 5 cm plastic box

HENBURY, Australia

Numerous fragments were found inside and outside the Henbury craters in the Northern Territory of Australia. This meteorite is classified as an Iron, medium Octahedrite, IIIA, with partially recrystallized Kamacite structure. The specimens offered here were legally exported to another dealer and we shared them between us. Note that some are cleaned and some are in their natural found state. The price per gram is as good as you will find anywhere.


6.6 grams, $16.50

3.57 grams, $8.95

4.76 grams, $14.30