Meteor P. 8

Established 1982


Updated 1 January 2018

FORESTBURG (a), Texas 

This meteorite was found in Montague County, Texas, in 1957 and was classified as an L4 chondrite. This is a nice looking meteorite with a rich brown matrix.
Forestburg (a), 1.582 gms.jpg (26738 bytes)
1.582 grams, $7.15

 FUKANG, China 

An anonymous finder discovered this meteorite near the city of Fukang, Xinjiang Province, China, in 2000. It is classified as a Stony-iron, Pallasite, main group, and contains large Olivine crystals. Fukang has proven to be a stable Pallasite. The slice offered here has translucent Olivine crystals. Fukang, 20.0 gms.jpg (90717 bytes)
19.9 grams, $398.00, thin slice, polished