Meteor P. 8

Established 1982


Updated 6 October 2016

FARMVILLE, North Carolina - Witnessed Fall  

Two stones fell on 4 December 1934 and were recovered. Farmville fell in Pike County, North Carolina, and is classified as an H4 chondrite. Virtually all of this material in in museums and meteorite repositories leaving only a few  grams for the collector market. Farmville label.jpg (333691 bytes)
Copy will be sent with each specimen
Farmville, 1.16 gms.jpg (35828 bytes)
1.16 grams, SOLD
Farmville, 0.198 gms.jpg (34117 bytes)
0.198 grams, SOLD

FISHER, Minnesota - Witnessed Fall  

On 9 April 1894. 6 stones fell in Polk County, Minnesota, and were recovered. Classified as an L6 chondrite, veined, Fisher is seldom available to the meteorite collector. Only a few hundred grams of Fisher has been released from museum repositories. Here is an opportunity to acquire a difficult American location to add to your collection.

Fisher,1.94 gms.jpg (31204 bytes)
1.94 grams, crust on upper edge, SOLD
Fisher, 2.27 gms.jpg (29939 bytes)
2.27 grams, $102.00
Fisher, 2.14 gms.jpg (28245 bytes)
2.14 grams, crust on upper edge, SOLD
Fisher, 1.69 gms.jpg (29252 bytes)
1.69 grams, SOLD
Fisher, 2.40 gms.jpg (29283 bytes)
2.40 grams, crust on upper edge, $120.00
Fisher, 1.84 gms.jpg (28852 bytes)
1.84 grams, SOLD

FORESTBURG (a), Texas 

This meteorite was found in Montague County, Texas, in 1957 and was classified as an L4 chondrite. This is a nice looking meteorite with a rich brown matrix.
Forestburg, 8.1 gms.jpg (44231 bytes)
8.1 grams, end cut, with TCU Monnig label, SOLD
Forestburg, (a), 12.2 gms.jpg (67160 bytes)
12.2 grams, end cut, SOLD
Forestburg (a), 1.582 gms.jpg (26738 bytes)
1.582 grams, $7.15

FOREST CITY, Iowa - Witnessed Fall 

This meteorite fell near Forest City, Winnebago County, Iowa, after the appearance of a fireball and detonations. More then 500 stones rained down over a wide area on 2 May 1890. Even though the TKW is about 152 kg, little of this material is available to the collector.  Forest City, 3.65 gms.jpg (32196 bytes)
3.65 grams, crusted end cut, SOLD
Forest City, 2.350 gms.jpg (32125 bytes)
2.35 grams, $200.00

FRANKFORT, Alabama - Witnessed Fall  

A single stone of 680 grams was seen to fall after detonations four miles south of Frankfort, Franklin County, Alabama. The fall occurred on 5 December 1868. Frankfort was classified as an achondrite, Howardite, brecciated. Virtually all of this meteorite is locked away in museum repositories and is another of the nearly impossible locations to obtain. The specimen offered here weighs 0.72 grams and is priced at $500.00. I know of only one other sale and that was for more than $1100.00 per gram, considerably more per gram than the price for this specimen. Frankfort, 0.72 gms.jpg (29621 bytes)

FUKANG, China 

An anonymous finder discovered this meteorite near the city of Fukang, Xinjiang Province, China, in 2000. It is classified as a Stony-iron, Pallasite, main group, and contains large Olivine crystals. Fukang has proven to be a stable Pallasite. The slice offered here has translucent Olivine crystals. Fukang, 2.976 gms.jpg (31305 bytes)
2.976 grams, etched, $83.30
Fukang, 20.0 gms.jpg (90717 bytes)
19.9 grams, $435.00, thin slice, polished