Meteor P.6

Established 1982


Updated 8 February 2018

DAULE, Ecuador - Witnessed Fall


The Meteoritical Bulletin states "People in Daule and the surrounding region heard a series of loud detonations and, moments later, two stones were seen to fall. A single stone fell outside a home next to the Daule river, Guyas, Ecuador. The homeowner was less than 5 meters from the stone which penetrated nearly 1 meter into the mud and bounced out, landing on the surface. He picked up the stone moments later. Another stone was reported to have impacted in a flooded rice paddy and sent a fountain of water several meters into the air; this stone has not been recovered." This meteorite landed about 9:00 am on 23 March 2008 and the homeowner hid the stone in his house until it was rescued by Hans Koser and Mike Farmer. Most of this meteorite has been dispersed to museums and collections; therefore, not much is available in the marketplace. Even though it has been classified as an L5 chondrite, there is a nice mix of metal in every partial slice. The crust on this meteorite is very thin and irregular on the edges.

Daule is the only known meteorite from Ecuador - and a witnessed fall!!!

Daule, 4.110 gms.jpg (38716 bytes)
4.11 grams, $164.00
Daule, 1.828 gms.jpg (35607 bytes)
1.82 grams, $72.80
Daule, 1.786 gms.jpg (42256 bytes)
1.78 grams, $71.20

DIEP RIVER, South Africa - Witnessed Fall  


On 4 November 1906 a single stone of ~1kg fell through the iron  roof of a house located on a farm called Hermitage in Cape Province, South Africa. The stone is an L6 chondrite and only a few grams are noted as outside the South African Museum in Cape Town. This is an extremely rare meteorite, one of those nearly impossible to obtain locations. The material offered here originally came from the American Museum of Natural History, New York.

Diep River, 0.690 gms.jpg (24151 bytes)
0.690 grams, crust on upper edge, $138.00

0.60 grams, SOLD

0.56 grams, $84.00
Diep River, 0.526 gms.jpg (19416 bytes)
0.526 grams, $105.00

DJOUMINE, Tunisia - Witnessed Fall

A bright fireball was seen and multiple detonations were heard, meteorites were recovered by children and later others near the village of Djoumine, Banzart, Tunisia. The clean fragment offered here weighs 5.72 grams and is reasonably priced at SOLD