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Updated  1 March 2018

VARRE-SAI, Brazil - Witnessed Fall

A large fireball was witnessed over the eastern side of Brazil and after several explosions, a witness observed two black objects falling on 19 June 2010. The fall occurred approximately 17 km from the city of Varre-Sai, Rio de Janeiro state, Brazil. Both pieces of the Varre-Sai meteorite were recovered and weighed ~780 grams. Classified as an L5 chondrite, not much of this meteorite is available to the collector. Varre-Sai, 3.8 gms.jpg (96252 bytes)
3.8 grams, crust on upper edge, $190.00

WESTON, Connecticut - Witnessed Fall  

According to the Meteoritical Bulletin, the Weston meteor was observed for about 10 seconds on 14 December 1807 over New York state and New England. A significant fragmentation occurred in the vicinity of New Milford, Connecticut, at an altitude of ~30km. The main mass (~20kg) landed on a rock outcropping in a pasture in Easton, Fairfield County, Connecticut. Specimens of this fall are difficult to obtain. The H4 chondrite fragment offered here weighs 1.48 grams and was removed from ASU specimen #238; the ASU label is included in the purchase price. A well documented American fall and one of the first falls in this country to confirm that rocks did fall from the sky. Reasonably priced at SOLD

WHETSTONE MOUNTAINS, Arizona - Witnessed Fall

After a bright fireball and rumblings, several stones fell in Cochise County, Arizona, and were recovered. The fall occurred on 23 June 2009 and created quite a stir within the meteorite community as part of the path was recorded by cameras on Mt. Hopkins and in Marana, Arizona. Classification was accomplished and provided an H5. The crusted partial slice offered here weighs 1.45 grams and is priced at $130.00.
1.45 grams, $130.00

0.56 grams, $50.40

XINING, China -
Witnessed Fall

On 11 February 2012, the villagers of Xining heard a loud noise. Later, the villagers recovered several stones from Huanghounz County, Xining city, Qinghai Province, China. This meteorite is classified as an L6 chondrite and the specimens offered here are crusted and fresh. Little of this material has been released from China.

1.1 grams, $11.00

1.0 grams, SOLD

1.4 grams, SOLD
Xining, 1.60 gms.jpg (28715 bytes)
1.60 grams, SOLD

2.3 grams, $23.00
Xining, 3.54 gms.jpg (28398 bytes)
3.54 grams, SOLD

ZAG, Morocco - Witnessed Fall

A meteorite shower fell on either 4 or 5 August 1998 near Zag, east of Tan-Tan, Morocco, and numerous pieces were recovered. This meteorite created quite a stir in the meteorite community when the discovery of halite (salt) crystals within the matrix was announced. Zag is an H3-6 chondrite with fantastic regolith brecciation and is not readily available today, especially of this quality and with crust. 
Zag, 3.52 gms.jpg (27547 bytes)
3.52 grams, crust, SOLD
Zag, 2.35 grams.jpg (26793 bytes)
2.35 grams, crust, SOLD
Zag, 2.216 gms.jpg (29954 bytes)
2.216 grams, SOLD, crust on upper edge
Zag, 2.604 gms.jpg (32250 bytes)
2.604 grams, $13.00
Zag, 3.36 gms.jpg (32959 bytes)
3.36 grams, crust, SOLD
Zag, 6.466 gms.jpg (34459 bytes)
6.46 grams, crust, $32.30
Zag, 3.30 gms.jpg (30442 bytes)
 3.30 grams, SOLD
Zag, 2.736 gms.jpg (27575 bytes)
2.73 grams, SOLD
Zag, 3.556 gms.jpg (31243 bytes)
3.556 grams, crust, SOLD