Meteor P.2

Established 1982


Updated 20 February 2018

AIQUILE, Bolivia

The Aiquile meteorite fell in the Cochabamba district of Bolivia on 20 November 2016 and was later classified as an H5 chondrite. The main bolide fragmented over the Tablamayu community. Most of this meteorite is retained within Bolivia and only a small amount of material is available to the collector. The fragment offered here weighs 1.1 grams and is priced at $75.00.

AGOUDAL, Morocco 


Found in 2000near Meknes-Tafilalet, High Atlas Mountains, Morocco, Agoudal is classified as an Iron, IIAB.  Agoudal, 21.6 gms.jpg (57927 bytes)
21.6 grams, $54.00

ALDAMA (b), Mexico


A single 66.5 grams stone was found by a rockbound near Aldama, Chihuahua, Mexico, in the summer of 1996. Aldama (b)  is  classified as an H5 chondrite. I had the opportunity to purchase a slice from the Hupe Brothers and cut it into macro specimens. Each of the slices is well polished; the fragment broke off the specimen I was cutting. Here is an opportunity to acquire a very low weight Mexican meteorite at a very reasonable price.

Aldama, 1.762 gms.jpg (30328 bytes)
1.76 grams, $17.60

ALFIANELLO, Italy - Witnessed Fall


An historic Italian fall from 16 February 1883, Alfianello is an Ordinary chondrite, L6. This meteorite fell near Brescia, Lombardy, Italy, and is not readily available to collectors. The attractive partial slices offered here were cut from a block of material which came from the Mineralogical Museum, Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany. The large slice was in my collection for several years; it originally came via Bob Haag from the Humboldt University.

1.85 grams, SOLD
Alfianello, 2.580 gms.jpg (30025 bytes)
2.58 grams, SOLD

ALLENDE, Mexico - Witnessed Fall   See Page 3

ALMAHATA SITTA, Sudan - Witnessed Fall

According to the Meteoritical Bulletin, a small asteroid named 2008TC3 was discovered by the automated Catalina Sky Survey telescope on Mount Lemmon, Tucson, Arizona, and determined to be on a collision course with Earth. Numerous astronomical observatories followed the asteroid until it entered Earth's atmosphere. On 7 June 2008 the mass exploded over the Nubian Desert, Nahr an Nil, in northern Sudan. A search expedition was organized by the University of Khartoum and hundreds of small meteorite specimens were recovered. This meteorite has been classified as an achondrite, Urelilie, polymict, anomalous. The specimen boxes offered here were in a collection I purchased and priced quite reasonably.
0.06 grams, $36.00

0.15 grams, SOLD

ASH CREEK, Texas - Witnessed Fall

The Ash Creek meteorite fell near the town of West, McLennan County, Texas on 15 February 2009 and was later classified as an L6 chondrite.
2.09 grams, $73.00

2.20 grams, crust on upper edge, $77.00

1.37 grams, crust on right edge, $55.00


ATARRA, India - Witnessed Fall

On 23 December 1920, three stones fell at Turra village, 4 miles from Atarra railway station, Banda district, Manikpur, Uttar Pradesh, India, and were recovered. Less than 200 grams are shown outside India. Atarra is an L4 chondrite, black, veined, and is seldom seen in the meteorite marketplace. The specimen offered here weighs 0.46 grams and is reasonably priced at $200.00. As any serious meteorite collector knows, witnessed falls from India are difficult to obtain. Attarra, 0.46 gms.jpg (49524 bytes)