Meteor P.9

Established 1982


Updated  15 July 2017

HOLBROOK, Arizona - Witnessed Fall 

On the evening of 19 July 1912, after the appearance of a smoky trail and detonations, thousands of stones showered the small town of Holbrook and surrounding countryside in Navajo County, Arizona. Some buildings were hit. Holbrook is an L6 chondrite and typically seen only in pea size to moderate size broken and whole stones. Seldom available in slices, here is an opportunity to acquire a specimen of this very famous fall and actually see the beautiful interior.  Holbrook, 2.21 gms.jpg (31464 bytes)
2.21 grams broken stone, SOLD
Holbrook, 7.70 gms.jpg (97374 bytes)
7.7 grams in 5 by 5 cm box, $69.00


This is the first Alaskan stony meteorite to be offered to meteorite collectors, museums, and repositories. The meteorite was found in the summer of 1998 when a prospector was searching for gold in a stream. Hope Creek is several miles north of Chatanika, a small settlement north of Fairbanks. The meteorite retains weathered crust and shows signs of terrestrial aging. It is a deep rich brown color with some metal flecking; however, it is the clasts that make it interesting, and the fact that it is an LL6 chondrite. If you ever wanted an Alaskan meteorite, get a partial slice (no full slices exist) of Hope Creek or forget it as there are only three other Alaskan meteorites (no stones) and they reside in museums and repositories. 
80 grams, $800.00
Hope Creek, 78.5 gms.jpg (599571 bytes)
78.9 grams, one cut edge, SOLD
Hope Creek, 14.80 gms.jpg (38791 bytes)
14.80 grams, $148.00

IBBENBUREN, Germany - Witnessed Fall

On 17 June 1870, a mass of ~2 kg fell in Nordrheim-Westfalen, Germany, and was later classified an an Achondrite, monomict Diogenite. The clean fragment offered here weighs 0.90 grams and is priced at a very reasonable $900.00. This is a near impossible location to obtain.

IGDI, Morocco

According to Meteoritical Bulletin, No. 85, 2001, one stone of 1470 grams was found in the Moroccan Sahara Desert in  February 2000. Igdi is classified as an Achondrite, monomict Eucrite, brecciated. This is a beautiful meteorite and the thin slices offered here provide a great surface to weight ratio. Igdi is one of a very few meteorites found in the Sahara Desert granted an official name by The Meteoritical Society. This last specimen available is a partial slice, weighs 1.597 grams, and is priced at SOLD

Igdi, 1.597 gms.jpg (28813 bytes)