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This darling elephant has a clear glass body with lots of gold leaf and has applied opaque white tusks. Most likely Barovier and well made. Measures 6 inches tall. No label. $300.00. Elephant, gold, a.jpg (680349 bytes) Elephant, gold. b.jpg (657716 bytes)


Red and white mezza-filigrana bird shaped vase with a split tail opening. Designed by Dino Martens, the bird has red eyes with clear glass comb and base. Measures 5.5 inches by 9 inches. An outstanding piece of Italian art glass. No label. $1500.00. Bird, red, yellow, a.jpg (705873 bytes) Bird, red, yellow, b.jpg (661349 bytes)


This is a beautiful compote; the bowl and base are brilliant red glass with gold foil; the dolphin and stem are clear glass with gold foil. Stands 7.75 inches tall. No label. $350.00. Compote, red, dolphin, a.jpg (697039 bytes) Compote, red, dolphin, b.jpg (653036 bytes)


An outstanding vase, most likely from AVEM, designed by Dino Martens, and containing a multitude of colorful murrines, lace, and copper splashes. The interior is red. Stands 9.75 inches tall. No label. SOLD Vase, red, multi murrines, a.jpg (563557 bytes) Vase, red, multi murrines, b.jpg (559894 bytes) Vase, red, multi murrines, c.jpg (517028 bytes)


This is an excellent small basket by Barbini, blue with a ball insert in the handle with gold foil. The original Barbini label is intact. The basket measures 7 inches in height, and 4 inches by 5.25 inches. $200.00. In perfect condition. Basket, blue, gold ball, a.jpg (435984 bytes) Basket, blue, gold ball, label.jpg (535758 bytes)