Meteor P.7

Established 1982


Updated 5 July 2013 

DJATI-PENGILON, Indonesia - Witnessed Fall  SOLD

DJOUMINE, Tunisia - Witnessed Fall  SOLD

DONG UJIMQIN QI, China - Witnessed Fall  


On a cloudless day, people heard a tremendous sound, and observed black smoke, on 7 September 1995 in Zizhiqu, Nei Mongol, China. Dong Ujimqin Qi is classified as a stony-iron Mesosiderite and very little of this material has been released from China. The beautiful slice offered here came from Bob Haag, has some crust, weighs 93.8 grams, and is priced well blow market at $1875.00. Dong Ujimqin Qi, 93.8 gms.jpg (651702 bytes)

DRAKE CREEK, Tennessee - Witnessed Fall  SOLD

DRESDEN, Canada - Witnessed Fall  SOLD

DUNDRUM, Ireland - Witnessed Fall SOLD

EAGLE, Nebraska - Witnessed Fall


Eagle, 30.2 gms.jpg (98278 bytes) A single stone fell on 1 October in Cass County, Nebraska, and was recovered the following spring. Eagle is classified as an Enstatite chondrite (EL6), low-iron subgroup, brecciated. The specimen offered here came from the Bob Haag collection and has the original Huss number (H478.13) on one edge. This specimen weighs 30.2 grams and is reasonably priced at $2150.00 which is less that the previous owner paid for it.

EHOLE - Witnessed Fall   SOLD

ELBERT, Colorado - Witnessed Fall  


A fireball was observed over Elbert County, Colorado, on 11 January 1998 and was reported in several local newspapers. Later, a young boy was walking with his mother on the family property when they found a single stone weighing 680 grams. Elbert was classified at UCLA as an LL6 chondrite. This is another rare witnessed fall for the serious meteorite collector. The specimen offered here weighs 0.756 grams and is priced at $113.40. Elbert, 0.756 gms.jpg (31970 bytes)

ENSISHEIM, France - Witnessed Fall  SOLD

ERGHEO, Somalia - Witnessed Fall  SOLD

ESNANDES, France - Witnessed Fall SOLD

ESQUEL, Chubut, Argentina  

The Esquel meteorite was found in Futaleufu department, Chubut, Argentina, before 1951. Classified as a stony-iron, Pallasite, main group, angular olivine shape, Esquel has become known as the "Queen of the Pallasites" due to the translucency of the olivine crystals and the ability to be used for jewelry. The partial slices offered here are beautifully prepared with a mirror polish and will grace any collection.

Esquel, 3.522 gms.jpg (26940 bytes)
3.522 grams, $169.05
Esquel, 3.314 gms.jpg (22251 bytes)
3.314 grams, SOLD
Esquel, 5.696 gms.jpg (25833 bytes)
 5.696 grams,  SOLD
Esquel, 2.202 gms.jpg (22715 bytes)
 2.202 grams,  SOLD
Esquel, 1.410 gms.jpg (20243 bytes)
1.410 grams, SOLD
Esquel, 2.142 gms.jpg (24587 bytes)
2.142 grams, $102.80
Esquel, 2.836 gms.jpg (23995 bytes)
2.836 grams, SOLD
Esquel, 5.612 gms.jpg (25770 bytes)
5.612 grams, SOLD
Esquel, 5.012 gms.jpg (27006 bytes)
5.012 grams,  SOLD
Esquel, 2.842 gms.jpg (28118 bytes)
2.842 grams,  SOLD
Esquel, 2.192 gms.jpg (28959 bytes)
2.192 grams, $105.20
Esquel, 2.662 gms.jpg (31510 bytes)
 2.662 grams,  SOLD
Esquel, 2.530 gms.jpg (31042 bytes)
2.530 grams, SOLD
Esquel, 3.674 gms.jpg (26656 bytes)
3.674 grams, $176.35
Esquel, 1.420 gms.jpg (29012 bytes)
1.420 grams, SOLD
Esquel, 3.130 gms.jpg (29127 bytes)
3.130 grams, $150.25
Esquel, 3.840 gms.jpg (27603 bytes)
3.840 grams, $184.30
Esquel, 3.032 gms.jpg (31336 bytes)
3.032 grams, $145.50

ESTHERVILLE, Iowa - Witnessed Fall  

Several masses fell, after the appearance of a fireball and detonations, on 10 May 1879 in Emmet County, Iowa. Estherville is classified as a stony-iron Mesosiderite. The specimen offered here is contained in a 5 by 5 cm plastic box, weighs 16.8 grams, and is priced at $150.00.  Estherville, 16.8 gms.jpg (104196 bytes)