Meteor P.4

Established 1982


Updated 26 July 2013

BACHMUT - Witnessed Fall  


After detonations, a single stone fell on 15 February 1814 near Bachmut, Donetsk region, Ukraine, and was recovered. Classified as an L6 chondrite, most of the material is in the Gorkii Museum and seldom seen in the meteorite collector's market. The partial slice offered here has been well prepared, weighs 1.05 grams, and is priced at $105.00. Bachmut, 1.05 gms.jpg (32242 bytes)

BANDONG, Indonesia - Witnessed Fall  SOLD

BANTEN, Indonesia - Witnessed Fall  SOLD

BARWELL, England - Witnessed Fall  SOLD

BASSIKOUNOU, Mauritania - Witnessed Fall

This meteorite fell near the village of Bassikounou in southeastern Mauritania during the early morning of 1 October 2006. Only a single stone was recovered and eventually transported to Germany in November 2006 where it was sold to meteorite enthusiast Hanno Strufe, and became known as the El Moichine mass. The meteorite was documented and classified as an H5 chondrite. In February 2007 additional pieces were recovered and made available to the meteorite market. The partial slices offered here are from the initial find El Moichine mass and are pristine non-weathered specimens.


Bassikounou. 19 gms (a).jpg (66793 bytes)
19.8 grams partial stone, side a, $175.00

Bassikounou, 19 gms, (b).jpg (58758 bytes)
19.8 grams, side b
Bassikounou, 1.663 gms.jpg (27747 bytes)
1.663 grams, $24.95
Bassikounou, 1.533 gms.jpg (28328 bytes)
1.533 grams, $23.00
Bassikounou, 4.631 gms.jpg (30996 bytes)
4.631 grams, $69.45
Bassikounou, 3.590 gms.jpg (28693 bytes)
3.590 grams, $53.85
Bassikounou, 3.357 gms.jpg (31201 bytes)
3.357 grams, $50.35
Bassikounou, 4.433 gms.jpg (28511 bytes)
4.433 grams, $70.95, crust on upper edge
Bassikounou, 2.485 gms.jpg (27817 bytes)
2.485 grams, $37.25
Bassikounou, 3.163 gms.jpg (29505 bytes)
3.163 grams, $50.60, crust on upper edge

BASZKOWKA, Poland - Witnessed Fall


A single oriented stone fell in the village of Baszkowka, Warszawa. Poland, on 25 August 1994. The stone has such well defined regmaglypts that only a small piece was removed for analysis. Therefore, less than 50 grams was released and I was fortunate to have something the Geological Institute in Warsaw needed in trade. The Institute will cut no more. Classified as an L6 chondrite and impossible to obtain from Poland, this rare partial slice of 1.342 grams was removed from the slice I received from the Geological Institute. It is priced at a reasonable $400.00. Baszkowka meteorite.jpg (1487813 bytes)
Scan of page from calendar showing photo of meteorite 
Baszkowka, 1.342 gms.jpg (20015 bytes)

BATH, Kentucky - Witnessed Fall


After detonations, a single stone fell on 29 August 1892 in Brown County, Kentucky, and was subsequently classified as an H4 chondrite, brecciated. The specimen offered here originally came from Martin Horejsi and has been in my collection for several years. I obtained a larger specimen for my collection so this nice crusted micro is for sale for $20.00. This specimen weighs 0.136 grams. Bath, 0.136 gms.jpg (34310 bytes)

BATH FURNACE, Kentucky - Witnessed Fall  


After detonations and a luminous meteor, this meteorite fell in Bath County, Kentucky, on 15 November 1902. Classified as an L6 chondrite, most of the meteorite resides in the Field Museum in Chicago. The specimen offered here weighs 1.77 grams, has crust on the upper edge, and is priced at $35.00. Bath Furnace, 1.77 gms.jpg (28680 bytes)

BAXTER, Missouri - Witnessed Fall  SOLD

BEAVER CREEK, Canada - Witnessed Fall  SOLD

BEARDSLEY, Kansas - Witnessed Fall


On the night of 15 October 1929 a shower of stones fell near Beardsley, Rawlins County, Kansas, and 60 of them were recovered. Classified as an H5 chondrite, this meteorite is a very economical witnessed fall. The specimen offered here weighs 1.84 grams and is priced at $18.00. Beardsley, 1.84 gms.jpg (29722 bytes)

BENGUERIR, Morocco - Witnessed Fall

A meteor shower was witnessed to fall near Benguerir, Morocco, on 22 November 2004. About 25 kg of this material was recovered. Benguerir is classified as an LL6 chondrite. These well cut partial slices will be a welcome addition to your meteorite collection.


Benguerir, 1.050 gms.jpg (26499 bytes)
 1.050 grams,  SOLD
Benguerir, 2.850 gms.jpg (29631 bytes)
2.850 grams, $14.25
Benguerir, 1.180 gms.jpg (28105 bytes)
  1.180 grams,   SOLD
Benguerir, 3.112 gms.jpg (30650 bytes)
 3.112 grams,  SOLD
Benguerir, 2.066 gms.jpg (28568 bytes)
 2.066 grams,  SOLD
Benguerir, 23,2 gns.jpg (119275 bytes)
23.2 grams, crusted part slice, $160.00

BERDUC, Argentina - Witnessed Fall   Contact me.

BERLANGUILLAS, Spain - Witnessed Fall  SOLD

BERTHOUD, Colorado - Witnessed Fall


A single stone of 960 grams was recovered about 4 km east of Berthoud, Weld County, Colorado, on 5 October 2004. Berthoud is classified as an achondrite, Eucrite, monomict, breccia. The specimen offered here originally came from Edwin Thompson, weighs 3.52 grams, is enclosed in a 5 by 5 cm plastic box, and is priced at $1200.00, less than the previous owner paid for it. Berthoud, 3.52 gms.jpg (93507 bytes)

BENSOUR, Algeria/Morocco - Witnessed Fall


Bensour, 1.460 gms.jpg (205513 bytes)
1.46 grams, $10.20
This meteorite was seen to fall by several eyewitness accounts by nomads in the border region of Algeria and Morocco on 11 February 2002. This was a significant fall of many stones. Bensour is classified as an LL6 chondrite, with very pale gray color.  Bensour, 1.57 gms.jpg (31179 bytes)
1.57 grams, $11.00

BILANGA, Burkina Faso - Witnessed Fall  SOLD

BISHOPVILLE, South Carolina - Witnessed Fall


After detonations, a single stone was seen to fall near Bishopville, Lee County, South Carolina, on 25 March 1843, and was recovered. Classified as an achondrite, Aubrite, Bishopville is a very attractive meteorite seldom seen for sale in the meteorite market. The crusted fragment offered here weighs 0.598 grams and is priced well below offerings by other dealers. The price is a modest SOLD for a difficult to obtain location. Bishopville, 0,598 gms.jpg (25715 bytes)

BLACKWELL, Oklahoma - Witnessed Fall


A mass of 2381 grams fell in Kay County, Oklahoma, in May 1906, and was used as a doorstop for 28 years. Less than 100 grams is available outside the Smithsonian Museum. Blackwell is an L5 chondrite and nearly impossible to obtain. The specimen offered here weighs 0.80 grams and is priced at a reasonable $480.00.  Blackwell, 0.80 gms.jpg (26747 bytes)

BLANKET, Texas - Witnessed Fall  


Several stones fell on 30 May 1909 in Brown County, Texas, and several were recovered. Only about 5.1 kg of material has been preserved in collections, most of it in the Field Museum and the Smithsonian. Only a few hundred grams are available to collectors. The specimen offered here weighs 1.92 grams and is priced at $115.00 and will fill a need in someone's meteorite collection. Blanket, 1.92 gms.jpg (25194 bytes)


BOVEDY, Northern Ireland - Witnessed Fall  


The Bovedy meteorite fell on 25 April 1969 and is classified as an L3 chondrite, unequilibrated, brecciated. One stone fell in Sprucefield, County Antrim, and a second larger stone in Bovedy, County Londonderry, Northern Ireland. Several inquires prompted me to locate additional material and I was fortunate to acquire a specimen from a reputable meteorite repository. These partial slices are priced considerably less than some dealers prices. Bovedy, 1.936 gms.jpg (23475 bytes)
1.936 grams, crust on lower edge, $580.00
Bovedy, 2.530 gms.jpg (24375 bytes)
2.530 grams, SOLD
Bovedy, 5.472 gms.jpg (29684 bytes)
5.427 grams, $1094.00

BRAHIN, Byelarus 

Brahin was found in the Gomel region of Byelarus in 1810. Initially, two masses were found but several masses have been recovered since. Brahin is classified as a stony-iron, Pallasite, main group, fragmental olivine shape. This is an attractive Pallasite, and even though the olivine crystals are darker than Esquel or Imilac, it remains a highly desirable addition to any meteorite collection.

Brahin, 9.5 gms.jpg (52682 bytes)
 9.5 grams,  $47.50
Brahin, 8.7 gms.jpg (56715 bytes)
  8.7 grams,   SOLD
Brahin, 9.3 gms.jpg (49953 bytes)
   9.3 grams,  SOLD
Brahin, 18.0 gms.jpg (68755 bytes)
  18.0 grams,  SOLD
Brahin, 11.4 gms.jpg (56254 bytes)
 11.4 grams,  $57.00
Brahin, 11.8 gms.jpg (56134 bytes)
 11.8 grams,  $59.00

BREJA, Algeria - Witnessed Fall

On the morning of 1 May 2010 many people witnessed a very bright bolide accompanied by a sonic boom. Nomads recovered the meteorite fall material from Algeria and transported it to Morocco where the material was sold. Most likely an LL6, this material has fresh black fusion crust, with a light gray matrix and some metal inclusions. Another beautiful meteorite from an area which seems to receive more than it's fair share of falls. Breja, 2.48 gms.jpg (26324 bytes)
2.48 grams, $24.80
Breja, 2.62 gms.jpg (29507 bytes)
2.62 grams, SOLD


BUZZARD COULEE, Canada - Witnessed Fall  

The Meteoritical Bulletin states that a bright fireball was observed across Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba, Canada, during the twilight of 20 November 2008. Several security and all-sky cameras recorded the event. The fall of this H4 chondrite in the Wilton Rural Municipality of Saskatchewan was a major phenomenon in Canada and it was not until 27 November that the first meteorites were recovered off the ice of a frozen pond. The partial slices and end cuts offered here have excellent crust. The stone I cut was in the collection I recently purchased, and originally came from McCartney Taylor.

Buzzard Coulee, 4.83 gms.jpg (36527 bytes)
4.83 grams, $96.60
Buzzard Coulee, 2.89 gms.jpg (36195 bytes)
2.89 grams, end cut, $57.80
Buzzard Coulee, 0.846 gms.jpg (29081 bytes)
0.846 grams, end cut, $21.00
Buzzard Coulee, 1.27 gms.jpg (27854 bytes)
1.27 grams, $25.40
Buzzard Coulee, 2.21 gms.jpg (30915 bytes)
2.21 grams, $44.20
Buzzard Coulee, 2.38 gms.jpg (34311 bytes)
2.38 grams, $47.60
Buzzard Coulee, 2.15 gms.jpg (29324 bytes)
2.15 grams, $43.00
Buzzard Coulee, 2.29 gms.jpg (31756 bytes)
2.29 grams, $45.80
Buzzard Coulee, 2.81 gms.jpg (30638 bytes)
2.81 grams, $56.20