Meteor P.23

Established 1982


Updated 20 November 2012

SIKHOTE-ALIN, Russia - Witnessed Fall

The meteorite shower of 12 February 1947, in the Maritime Province, Maritime Province, Siberia, Russia, is considered the largest single meteorite fall in historical times. Literally thousands of these specimens have appeared on the meteorite market during the past several years, and  Sikhote-Alin individuals are considered by most people to be the epitome of an iron meteorite. Sikhote-Alin is a Coarsest Octahedrite, IIB. Offered here are several examples (both individuals and shrapnel) of this fall. You will be quite pleased with the quality of these specimens.

The full slice of Sikhote-Alin offered here was purchased from Marlin Cilz in June 2008 and has been in my collection ever since. Weighing 2426 grams, it is one of the largest slices Marlin cut. This is a museum class specimen and will grace even the most prestigious meteorite collection. The slice shows no evidence of rust after 12 years. Measuring ~24 by 31 cm overall, it is priced at a reasonable $4850.00.  Sikhote-Alin slice (c).jpg (278777 bytes)
In sunshine
Sikhote-Alin slice (d).jpg (251053 bytes)
In shade
Sikhote-Alin slice (a).jpg (587098 bytes)
With flash
Sikhote-Alin, 177.5 gms.jpg (186592 bytes)
177.5 grams individual, good regmaglypts, $532.50
Sikhote-Alin, 198.5 gms, hole.jpg (205004 bytes)
198.5 grams individual, natural hole, good regmaglypts,
Sikhote-Alin, 246.7 gms.jpg (167897 bytes)
246.7 grams, individual, good regmaglypts, $740.00
Sikhote-Alin, 464.3 gms.jpg (226031 bytes)
464.3 grams, shrapnel, nice configuration, $325.00
Sikhote-Alin, 450 gms slice.jpg (304884 bytes)
450 grams thick slice, coated, SOLD
Sikhote-Alin, 206 gms.jpg (194185 bytes)
206 grams, shrapnel, $155.00
Sikhote-Alin, 76.7 gms.jpg (101636 bytes)
76.7 grams, SOLD
Sikhote-Alin, 23.1 gms hole.jpg (93525 bytes)
23.1 grams, $173.25, natural hole, clean individual
Sikhote-Alin, 82.8 gms.jpg (111993 bytes)
82.8 grams, $248.40
Sikhote-Alin, 49.6 gms, hole.jpg (93418 bytes)
49.6 grams, $372.00, natural hole, clean individual
Sikhote-Alin, 69 gms, hole.jpg (109380 bytes)
69 grams, $517.50, natural hole, clean individual 


Sikhote-Alin, 4 stamp set.jpg (54737 bytes)

Here is the perfect item to accompany your Sikhote-Alin meteorite display, a set of 4 mint condition, unused, Russian stamps issued in 1957 to commemorate the 10th anniversary of that famous fall.