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Updated 26 July 2013

UBERABA, Brazil - Witnessed Fall  

After the appearance of a fireball and detonations, a single stone fell on 29 June 1903 in Dores dos Campos Formosos, Minas Gerais, Brazil. Uberaba is classified as an H5 chondrite, veined, and is not easily obtained. The partial slice offered here weighs 0.914 grams and is priced at $160.00. Uberaba, 0.914 gms.jpg (36763 bytes)

UDEI STATION, Nigeria - Witnessed Fall 

One mass was recovered in the spring of 1927 but the exact date of the fall is unknown. Udei Station is an iron, medium Octahedrite, ungrouped, member of the IAB complex, with silicate inclusions. The meteorite fell in the Benue province of Nigeria. A nice addition to any meteorite collection. Udei Station, 3.703 gms.jpg (30695 bytes)
3.703 grams, $37.00
Udei Station, 2.580 gms.jpg (34548 bytes)
2.580 grams, SOLD
Udei Station, 3.382 gms.jpg (34663 bytes)
3.382 grams, $33.80

UTRECHT, Netherlands - Witnessed Fall  SOLD

VALERA, Venezuela - Witnessed Fall   SOLD

VARRE-SAI, Brazil - Witnessed Fall

A large fireball was witnessed over the eastern side of Brazil and after several explosions, a witness observed two black objects falling on 19 June 2010. The fall occurred approximately 17 km from the city of Varre-Sai, Rio de Janeiro state, Brazil. Both pieces of the Varre-Sai meteorite were recovered and weighed ~780 grams. Classified as an L5 chondrite, not much of this meteorite is available to the collector. Varre-Sai, 3.19 gms.jpg (37938 bytes)
3.19 grams, crust on upper edge, $127.60
Varre-Sai, 3.8 gms.jpg (96252 bytes)
3.8 grams, crust on upper edge, $190.00
Varre-Sai, 5.4 gms.jpg (98183 bytes)
5.4 grams, crust on upper edge, SOLD

VENGEROVO, Russia - Witnessed Fall  SOLD

VERAMIN, Iran - Witnessed Fall  SOLD

VERNON COUNTY, Wisconsin - Witnessed Fall

Two stones fell on 26 March 1865 in Vernon County, Wisconsin, and were recovered; however, one stone has been lost, leaving only ~700 grams in existence. This meteorite is classified as H6 chondrite, veined, and is nearly impossible to acquire. Vernon County, 0.52 gms.jpg (26650 bytes)
0.52 grams, $156.00
Vernon County, 0.632 gms.jpg (30661 bytes)
0.632 grams, $173.80
Vernon County, 1.164 gms.jpg (23112 bytes)
1.164 grams, SOLD

VERKHNE TSCHIRSKAIA, Russia - Witnessed Fall  SOLD

VIEDMA, Argentina - Witnessed Fall  SOLD

VIGARANO, Italy - Witnessed Fall  SOLD

VILLALBETO de la PENA, Spain - Witnessed Fall  SOLD

VOUILLE, France - Witnessed Fall   SOLD

WAGON MOUND, New Mexico  

A single stone was found by a farmer in 1932 in Mora County, New Mexico, while planting a field, and was kept by the family until it was sold 67 years later in 1999. Wagon Mound is an L6 chondrite with an a nice brown matrix.

Wagon Mound, 3.032 gms.jpg (25494 bytes)
3.032 grams, SOLD
Wagon Mound, 2.360 gms.jpg (26364 bytes)
2.360 grams, SOLD
Wagon Mound, 3.184 gms.jpg (25823 bytes)
3.184 grams, SOLD
Wagon Mound, 1.974 gms.jpg (25459 bytes)
1.974 grams, SOLD
Wagon Mound, 3.570 gms.jpg (27229 bytes)
3.570 grams, SOLD

WALTERS, Oklahoma - Witnessed Fall  SOLD

WARRENTON, Missouri - Witnessed Fall   SOLD

WESTON, Connecticut - Witnessed Fall  SOLD

WHETSTONE MOUNTAINS, Arizona - Witnessed Fall

A bright fireball with detonations was observed by many witnesses and picked up by the All-Sky camera at the UA-Multiple-Mirror Telescope facility on Mt. Hopkins. The fall occurred on 23 June 2009 in Cochise County, Arizona. Several stones were retrieved and only a very limited amount of this H5 chondrite is available to the collector. The partial slices offered here are from stone #21 found by Todd Parker. Whetstone Mountains is a very historic fall and a major addition to any meteorite collection.

Whetstone Mtns, 0.204 gms.jpg (21510 bytes) 0.204 grams, crust on upper edge, SOLD Whetstone Mtns, 1.45 gms.jpg (35546 bytes)
1.45 grams, crust on upper edge, $217.50
Whetstone Mtns, 1.412 gms.jpg (25158 bytes)
1.412 grams, crust on upper edge, $211.80
Whetstone, Mtns, 0.560 gms.jpg (23236 bytes)
0.560 grams, crust on upper edge, $84.00
Whetstone Mtns, 2.406 gms.jpg (26390 bytes)
2.406 grams, crust on upper edge, $360.90
Whetstone Mtns, 0.162 gms.jpg (16172 bytes)
0.162 grams, crust on upper edge, SOLD

WILUNA, Australia - Witnessed Fall

After the appearance of a fireball and detonations, a shower of stones fell on 2 September 1967, approximately 5 miles east of Wiluna Township, Wiluna District, Western Australia. Classified as an H5 chondrite, an estimated 500 to 1000 stones have been collected, mostly small individuals. Slices are seldom seen and many of my collector customers will like the opportunity to obtain a clean macro slice or partial end piece for their collections.

Wiluna, 2.23 gms.jpg (25396 bytes)
2.23 grams, crust, $22.30
Wiluna, 1.10 gms.jpg (25114 bytes)
1.10 grams, crust, $11.00
Wiluna, 2.606 gms.jpg (28308 bytes)
2.606 grams, $26.05
Wiluna, 4.258 gms.jpg (28144 bytes)
4.258 grams, crust, SOLD
Wiluna, 3.610 gms.jpg (35017 bytes)
3.610 grams, $36.10
Wiluna, 1.56 gms.jpg (26594 bytes)
1.56 grams, crust, $15.60

WOLD COTTAGE, England - Witnessed Fall  SOLD

WOOLGORONG - Witnessed Fall  SOLD

WORDEN, Michigan - Witnessed Fall  SOLD

WUAN, China - Witnessed Fall  SOLD

XINGYANG, China - Witnessed Fall  SOLD

YATOOR, India - Witnessed Fall  SOLD

YONOZU, Japan - Witnessed Fall  SOLD

YURTUK, Ukraine - Witnessed Fall  

This meteorite fell on 2 April 1936 in Lubimov, Mikhailov district, Ukraine, and is classified as an achondrite, Howardite, brecciated. Some specimens have black inclusions. One stone fell through the roof of a house and a few smaller pieces were recovered outside for a TKW of only 1.472 kg, most of it remaining in Russia. The crusted part slice offered here contains some of the black material, came from the Academy of Science, Moscow, and is priced at SOLD. It weighs 0.964 grams. Yurtuk, 0.964 gms.jpg (32925 bytes)

ZABRODJE, Byelarus - Witnessed Fall SOLD

ZAG, Morocco - Witnessed Fall

This meteorite created quite a stir in the meteorite community when the discovery of halite (salt) crystals within the matrix was announced. Zag is an H3-6 chondrite with fantastic regolith brecciation. A meteorite shower fell on either 4 or 5 August 1998 near Zag, east of Tan-Tan, Morocco, and numerous pieces were recovered. It is not readily available today, especially of this quality. Also see page 25 for more Zag. Also see page 25 for additional Zag specimens.

Zag, 78.5 gms.jpg (79678 bytes)
78.5 grams partial slice, $195.00, crusted and coated 
Zag, 2.216 gms.jpg (29954 bytes)
2.216 grams, $12.50, crust on upper edge
Zag, 1.676 gms.jpg (28342 bytes)
1.676 grams, $9.50, crust on front as shown
Zag, 2.624 gms.jpg (30287 bytes)
2.624 grams, $10.75
Zag, 2.850 gms.jpg (24237 bytes)
2.850 grams, $15.70, crust
Zag, 2.736 gms.jpg (27575 bytes)
2.736 grams, $15.05, crust
Zag, 1.832 gms.jpg (28890 bytes)
1.832 grams, $7.50
Zag, 2.272 gms.jpg (30125 bytes)
2.272 grams, SOLD
Zag, 1.032 gms.jpg (28825 bytes)
 1.032 grams,  SOLD
Zag, 2.610 gms.jpg (28775 bytes)
2.610 grams, SOLD
Zag, 1.744 gms.jpg (27928 bytes)
1.744 grams, $7.25
Zag, 1.280 gms.jpg (28651 bytes)
 1.280 grams,  SOLD

ZAGAMI, Nigeria - Witnessed Fall  SOLD

ZAOYANG, China - Witnessed Fall

A fireball was observed traveling from SW to NE, and a single stone fell on 18 October 1984 in Zaoyang County, Hubei Province, China. The stone was recovered and subsequently classified as an H5 chondrite. The main mass in in the Guiyang Academy of Science and only some 200 grams exist outside China. This is another difficult location to obtain. The partial slice offered here weighs 1.266 grams and is priced at $220.00.  Zaoyang, 1.266 gms.jpg (30511 bytes)

ZAVID, Bosnia - Witnessed Fall  SOLD

ZEBRAK, Czech Republic - Witnessed Fall  SOLD

ZHOVTNEVYI, Ukraine - Witnessed Fall

During the night of 10 October 1938 several stones fell near Zhovtnevyi, Stalino, Donestsk region, Ukraine, and most were recovered. Zhovtnevyi is classified as an H5 chondrite and is not often seen in the meteorite market for sale. These partial slices should be a welcome addition to any meteorite collection.


Zhov, 4.202 gms.jpg (30931 bytes)
4.202 grams, SOLD
Zhov, 4.168 gms.jpg (31019 bytes)
4.168 grams, SOLD
Zhov, 3.904 gms.jpg (31914 bytes)
3.904 grams, SOLD
Zhov, 3.572 gms.jpg (30653 bytes)
3.572 grams, $89.30
Zhov, 3.294 gms.jpg (31222 bytes)
3.294 grams, SOLD
Zhov, 2.614 gms.jpg (31591 bytes)
2.614 grams, SOLD

"ZUNHUA," China - Witnessed Fall  (Provisional name)


In the late afternoon of 12 April 2009, a bright fireball was witnessed by scores of people in Hebei Province, China, and a stone crashed through the roof of farmhouse near Zunhua city. The stone penetrated the roof and ceiling of the farmhouse and fragmented upon hitting the stone floor. Most of the material was confiscated by government officials but the woman of the house kept some of the meteorite and sold pieces to various people. These specimens were removed from a fragment I obtained from one of my Chinese sources and are excellent examples of this chondrule rich meteorite.  Zunhua, 1.822 gms.jpg (35193 bytes)
1.822 grams, $155.00
Zunhua, 1.198 gms.jpg (29402 bytes)
1.198 grams, SOLD
Zunhua, 1.804 gms.jpg (27803 bytes)
1.804 grams, $153.00