Meteor P.14A

Established 1982


Updated 5 July 2013

TADJERA, Algeria - Witnessed Fall  SOLD

TALAMPAYA, Argentina - Witnessed Fall 

The recovery of Talampaya reminds us that truth is stranger than fiction. In 1995, this meteorite frightened a mountain climber in the Andes mountains of Argentina. As can be imagined, the sonic boom and buffeting from the pressure wave of this meteorite was totally unexpected. The climber retained his composure and managed to recover the single 1421 grams stone downrange from the fall. Talampaya is an achondrite, cumulative Eucrite, brecciated. Little of this meteorite is available to collector's as most was traded to meteorite repositories. The specimen offered here weighs 1.52 grams and is priced at $150.00. Talampaya, 1.52 gms.jpg (37156 bytes)

TAMDAKHT, Morocco - Witnessed Fall

On 20 December 2008, witnesses from a number of locations in Morocco witnessed a bolide within the high Atlas Mountains. A few weeks later news of the new fall were confirmed when fragments were recovered. Tamdakht is classified as an H5 chondrite and is very fresh. The slices offered here were cut from a nice crusted fragment.

Tamdakht, 1.708 gms.jpg (27826 bytes)
1.708 grams, $10.25
Tamdakht, 1.926 gms.jpg (28849 bytes)
1.926 grams, $11.55

Tamdakht, 9.44 gms (b).jpg (58890 bytes)
9.44 grams, a side, broken stone with crust, SOLD

 Tamdakht, 9.44 gms.jpg (57616 bytes)
9.44 grams, b side, broken stone with crust

Tamdakht, 27.9 gms.jpg (73913 bytes)
27.9 grams, lots of  crust, $97.65

Tamdakht, 46.7 gms.jpg (110775 bytes)
46.7 grams, some crust, SOLD
Tamdakht, 3.130 gms.jpg (30272 bytes)
3.130 grams, crust on upper edge, $21.90
Tamdakht, 3.254 gms.jpg (29952 bytes)
3.254 grams, crust on upper edge, $22.80
Tamdakht, 1.240 gms.jpg (28221 bytes)
1.240 grams, crust on upper edge, SOLD
Tamdakht, 1.864 gms.jpg (28141 bytes)
1.864 grams, crust on upper edge, SOLD
Tamdakht, 2.890 gms.jpg (27739 bytes)
2.890 grams, crust on upper edge, SOLD
Tamdakht, 1.832 gms.jpg (27186 bytes)
1.832 grams, crust on upper edge, SOLD

TATAHOUINE, Foum, Tunisia - Witnessed Fall

On 27 June 1931, a shower of small meteoritic fragments fell near the village of Foum, Tunisia. The mass exploded close to ground level; consequently, most pieces are very small (<5 grams) and do not have fusion crust. Commonly referred to as the little green stones from space, Tatahouine is medium to dark green in color with black veins. It is a rare class of meteorite, a Diogenite. These fragments were collected more than 10 years ago and are quite stable. These specimens  are the last of my supply and are priced at a ridiculously low $15.00 per gram. Please order by letter designation.

Tatathouine a.jpg (28117 bytes)
  2.350 grams,  SOLD
Tatahouine b.jpg (27297 bytes)
2.141 grams, $32.10
Tatahouine c.jpg (26778 bytes)
 2.315 grams,  SOLD
Tatahouine d.jpg (27343 bytes)
  2.100 grams,   SOLD
Tatahouine e.jpg (25517 bytes)
2.171 grams, $32.55
Tatahouine f.jpg (25931 bytes)
1.763 grams, $26.45
Tatahouine g.jpg (27622 bytes)
2.071 grams, $31.05
Tatahouine h.jpg (26777 bytes)
1.877 grams, SOLD
Tatahouine i.jpg (27571 bytes)
1.737 grams, $26.05
Tatahouine j.jpg (26876 bytes)
1.517 grams, $22.75
Tatahouine k.jpg (26355 bytes)
1.683 grams, $25.25
Tatahouine l.jpg (25641 bytes)
 1.780 grams,  $26.70

TENNASILM, Estonia - Witnessed Fall

After the appearance of a cloud and detonations, a single stone fell on 28 June 1872 in Pskov, Estonia. The stone was broken into pieces by gypsies but most of it was recovered. Classified as an L4 chondrite, metal-troilite-rich, shock veined, with melt-rock clasts, Tennasilm is an intriguing meteorite. Very little of this material has shown up in the meteorite market. Here is an opportunity to obtain a difficult to find witnessed fall. Tennasilm, 4.804 gms.jpg (29299 bytes)
4.804 grams, crust on top edge, SOLD
Tennasilm, 0.546 gms.jpg (31377 bytes)
0.546 grams, $35.00
Tennasilm, 2.310 gms.jpg (25996 bytes)
2.310 grams, $150.00

THUATHE, Lesotho - Witnessed Fall 

On the afternoon of the 21st of July 2002, a meteorite showered the Thuathe Plateau of Lesotho, after several explosions were heard and felt by most everyone in this small country. This is the first meteorite recovered from this country which lies within the much larger country of South Africa. The shower produced more than 1000 stones, most with beautiful black fusion crust. With few exceptions, the stones are very small. Subsequent to learning of the fall through police reports, Lesotho University scientists arrived and stones were obtained from the villagers. Many of the stones were broken upon impact. In addition, many of the stones have secondary fusion crust, and some have  slickenslides. Thuathe has been classified as an H4 chondrite, and has nice metal flecks. The macro slices were cut from broken stones, all have some fusion crust; some have secondary crust. The complete stone has ~90% fusion crust.

Thuathe, 18 gms (a).jpg (66146 bytes)
18 grams, complete crusted stone, 99% fusion crust, $162.00
Thuathe, 1.262 gms.jpg (28272 bytes)
1.262 grams, $12.60

Thuathe, 18.8 gms.jpg (30291 bytes)
18.8 partial stone with crust on two faces, $150.40
Thuathe, 2.384 gms.jpg (29708 bytes)
2.384 grams, $23.80
Thuathe, 2.604 gms.jpg (41040 bytes)
2.604 grams, $26.00
Thuathe, 5.386 gms.jpg (46653 bytes)
5.386 grams, $43.00

TIMOCHIN, Russia - Witnessed Fall  SOLD

TJEREBON, Indonesia - Witnessed Fall  SOLD

TJABE, Indonesia - Witnessed Fall  SOLD

TOLUCA, Mexico  

Numerous masses were found near the village of Xiquipilco, Mexico State, Mexico, before 1776, and were forged into agricultural tools. Toluca is an Iron, coarse Octahedrite, IAB, and displays a nice Widmanstatten pattern. Toluca, 127.4 gms.jpg (132596 bytes)
91.5 grams, $137.00
Toluca, 91.5 gms.jpg (149420 bytes)
127.4 grams, $191.00
Toluca, 148.3 gms.jpg (185757 bytes)
148.3 grams, $222.00
Toluca, 186.4 gms.jpg (192824 bytes)
186.4 grams, $279.00

TOMAKOVKA, Ukraine - Witnessed Fall  

After the appearance of a fireball, several stones fell on 17 January 1905 at the village of Tomakovka, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine, and were recovered. Tomakovka is classified as and LL6 chondrite and less than 200 grams (of the TKW of 600 grams) reside outside of Dnepropetrovsk Mining Museum. This is a rare witnessed fall and next to impossible to obtain. The 0.458 grams crusted part slice offered here is reasonably priced at $150.00. Tomakovka, 0.458 gms.jpg (32043 bytes)


TRENZANO, Italy - Witnessed Fall  SOLD

TROUP, Texas - Witnessed Fall

A single stone fell on 26 April 1917 about 3 miles North of Troup, Smith County, Texas, and was classified as an L6 chondrite. Only ~200 grams of this meteorite are available to the meteorite, and it is seldom seen in the marketplace. The specimen offered here weighs 1.20 grams and is priced at $250.00. Troup, 1.20 gms.jpg (31751 bytes)

TUXTUAC, Mexico - Witnessed Fall  

Two stones were recovered from this fall of 16 October 1975 near Zacatecas, Mexico. Tuxtuac is an attractive LL5 chondrite and a reasonably priced witnessed fall. The specimen offered here weighs 6.8 grams and is priced at $50.00. Tuxtuac, 6.8 gms.jpg (35023 bytes)