Meteor P.2

Established 1982


Updated 26 July 2013

ABEE, Canada - Witnessed Fall  


On 10 June 1952, a single stone was seen to fall north of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, and was recovered. Abee is classified as an Enstatite EH4 chondrite, high-iron subgroup, black, impact melt breccia. The slice offered here weighs 11 grams, shows excellent brecciation, and is priced at $770.00. Abee, 11.03 gms.jpg (87599 bytes)

ADZHI-BOGDO, Mongolia - Witnessed Fall  SOLD

AIR, Niger - Witnessed Fall  SOLD

AKBARPUR, India - Witnessed Fall  SOLD

AKWANGA, Nigeria - Witnessed Fall  SOLD

ALDAMA (b), Mexico

A single 66.5 grams stone was found by a rockhound near Aldama, Chihuahua, Mexico, in the summer of 1996. Aldama (b)  is  classified as an H5 chondrite. I had the opportunity to purchase a slice from the Hupe Brothers and cut it into macro specimens. Each of the slices is well polished; the fragment broke off the specimen I was cutting. Here is an opportunity to acquire a very low weight Mexican meteorite at a very reasonable price.


Aldama, 2.360 gms.jpg (28856 bytes)
2.360 grams, $23.60
Aldama, 1.108 gms.jpg (29710 bytes)
1.108 grams, $11.05
Aldama, 0.580 gms.jpg (29632 bytes)
Fragment, 0.580 grams, SOLD
Aldama, 1.762 gms.jpg (30328 bytes)
1.762 grams, $17.60
Aldama, 1.188 gms.jpg (29993 bytes)
1.188 grams, SOLD

ALLEGAN, Michigan - Witnessed Fall 


On 10 July 1899 a single stone fell on Thomas Hill on the Saugatuck Road in Allegan County, Michigan. Most of this meteorite resides in various repositories and is seldom seen in the marketplace. The specimen offered here weighs 4.75 grams and is priced at $237.50. Allegan, 4.75 gms.jpg (34066 bytes)

ALFIANELLO, Italy - Witnessed Fall

An historic Italian fall from 16 February 1883, Alfianello is an Ordinary chondrite, L6. This meteorite fell near Brescia, Lombardy, Italy, and is not readily available to collectors. The attractive partial slices offered here were cut from a block of material which came from the Mineralogical Museum, Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany. The large slice was in my collection for several years; it originally came via Bob Haag from the Humboldt University.

Alfianello, 3.240 gms.jpg (30189 bytes)
3.240 grams, SOLD
Alfianello, 1.590 gms.jpg (38089 bytes)
1.590 grams, $119.25
Alfianello, 1.858 gms.jpg (30980 bytes)
1.858 grams, SOLD
Alfianello, 1.68 gms.jpg (29501 bytes)
1.68 grams, $100.80
Alfianello, 2.580 gms.jpg (30025 bytes)
2.580 grams, $154.80
Alfianello, 2.346 gms.jpg (33789 bytes)
2.346 grams, $140.75

ALLENDE, Mexico - Witnessed Fall   See Page 3

APT, France - Witnessed Fall

After detonations, a single stone fell on 8 October 1803 in Apt, Vaucluse, France, only 6 months after the famous L'Aigle fall, providing further proof that stones fell from the sky. Apt is classified as an L6 chondrite, veined, and is nearly impossible to obtain in the collector market. The TKW is only 3.2 kg, most of which resides in the Paris and Vienna museums. This is a rare and historical meteorite.

Apt, 1.323 gms.jpg (30081 bytes)
1.323 grams, SOLD
Apt, 1.166 gms.jpg (17387 bytes)
1.166 grams, crust on upper edge, SOLD
Apt, 1.288 gms.jpg (17984 bytes)
1.288 grams, crust on upper edge, SOLD
Apt, 1.696 gms.jpg (20072 bytes)
1.696 grams, $424.00
Apt, 2.320 gms.jpg (23220 bytes)
2.320 grams, $580.00

ARBOL SOLO - Witnessed Fall  SOLD

ARROYO AGUIAR - Witnessed Fall  SOLD

ASH CREEK, Texas - Witnessed Fall 


On 15 February 2009, the state of Texas was the recipient of a meteorite shower near the town of West, McLennan County. Numerous meteorite hunters converged on the area; many small stones and 3 larger stones were recovered. The fusion crust on the early recovered stones is outstanding and the cut surfaces are quite beautiful. Ash Creek has been published by The Meteoritical Society as the official name for this fall and it has been classified as an L6 chondrite. These specimens were cut from a large slice which was picked up shortly after the fall, not subjected to moisture, and are pristine.  Ash Creek, 2.20 gms.jpg (30446 bytes)
2.20 grams, $88.00
Ash Creek, 2.71 gms.jpg (36014 bytes)
2.71 grams, $108.00
Ash Creek, 1.37 gms.jpg (30948 bytes)
1.37 grams, $62.00, crust on upper edge
Ash Creek, 2.01 gms.jpg (31511 bytes)
2.09 grams, $94.00, crust on upper edge

ASSISI, Italy - Witnessed Fall


A single stone of ~2 kg was seen to fall at Tordandrea, Perugia, Umbria, Italy, on 24 May 1866. Assisi is classified as an H5 chondrite and very little of this meteorite has ever been available in the marketplace. The material offered here came from the Museum Civico di Storia Naturale, Milan, Italy. A copy of the museum labels will accompany each specimen. A rare witnessed fall and sure to please the most discriminating meteorite collector. Assisi, 0474 gms.jpg (35395 bytes)
0.474 grams, $200.00
Apt, 1.288 gms.jpg (34140 bytes)
1.288 grams, crust on top, $322.00
Apt, 1.696 gms.jpg (31100 bytes)
1.696 grams, $424.00
Apt, 2.320 gms.jpg (33475 bytes)
2.320 grams, $580.00

ATOKA, Oklahoma - Witnessed Fall  


The Atoka meteorite fell on 17 September 1945 in Atoka County, Oklahoma, and is seldom available to the collector. Classified as an L6 chondrite, this specimen weighs 1.45 grams and is priced reasonably at $326.25. Atoka, 1.45 gms.jpg (27250 bytes)

AUBRES, France - Witnessed Fall  SOLD

AUMALE, Algeria - Witnessed Fall  SOLD