Meteor P.19

Established 1982


Updated 26 July 2013

PARK FOREST, Illinois - Witnessed Fall


About 11:30 pm on 26 March 2003, a bright fireball was seen by many eyewitnesses in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Missouri. The subsequent meteor shower fell in and around Park Forest, a suburb south of Chicago. Hundreds of fragments were recovered from the residential neighborhoods and a forest preserve. This meteorite is an L5 chondrite, monomict breccia with both light and dark matrix material. The fragments hit houses, cars, and buildings. Park Forest is one of the most significant falls in the U. S. and seldom seen in the meteorite market today. Park Forest, 2.14 gms.jpg (34891 bytes)
2.14 grams, both dark and light material, $100.00
Park Forest, 7.7 gms.jpg (93531 bytes)
7.7 grams, partial slice, crust, $288.75
Both dark and light material
Park Forest, 9.6 gms.jpg (32271 bytes)
9.6 grams, nearly complete stone, $385.00

PARNALLEE, India - Witnessed Fall  


The Parnallee meteorite was witnessed to fall on 28 February 1857 in the Madura district, Tamil Nadu, India, and two stones were recovered with fresh black fusion crust. Parnallee is classified as an LL3.6 chondrite, brecciated, gas rich, unequilibrated, and contains wonderful chondrules and metal blebs. Only a few kg of material is available outside of London; this is a seldom seen location today. The part slice offered here weighs 3.777 grams and is priced at a modest $140.00. Parnallee_2.777_gms.jpg (37212 bytes)

PATRIMONIO, Brazil - Witnessed Fall  


Several stones fell in Conceicao Aparecida, Minas Gerais, Brazil, on 6 August 1950 but only ~2.12 kg has been preserved, mostly held in Rio de Janeiro. This beautiful L6 chondrite is seldom seen and not easy to obtain. The well cut partial slice offered here weighs 0.896 grams and is reasonably priced at $22.40. Patrimonio, 0.896 gms.jpg (31090 bytes)

PAVLOVKA, Russia - Witnessed Fall


After detonations, a single stone fell in Balashov, Saratov region, Russia, on 2 August 1882. The Pavlovka meteorite is classified as an achondrite, Howardite, brecciated, and most of the material resides in the Budapest National Museum. This is not an easy location to acquire! Pavlovka, 1.24 gms.jpg (26138 bytes)
1.24 grams, $620.00
Pavlovka, 1.006 gms.jpg (22450 bytes)
1.001 grams, SOLD

PEACE RIVER, Canada - Witnessed Fall  SOLD

PEEKSKILL, New York - Witnessed Fall  


Thousand of people witnessed the bright fireball and heard detonations from the meteor as it crossed the states from Virginia to New York on 9 October 1992. The fireball was videotaped by several people prior to the meteorite smashing through the trunk of a car and impacting the driveway. The car and meteorite were purchased and have become legend. Peekskill is classified as an H6 chondrite, brecciated. Offered here is a clean partial slice weighing 3.06 grams and priced at a reasonable $535.00. Peekskill, 3.06 gms.jpg (34984 bytes)

PERVOMAISKY, Russia - Witnessed Fall  SOLD

PILLISTFER, Estonia - Witnessed Fall  SOLD

POHLITZ, Germany - Witnessed Fall 

Pohlitz, 0.548 gms.jpg (20029 bytes)
0.53 grams, $400.00
A single stone of ~3 kg fell on 13 October 1819 between Pohlitz and Langenberg, Sachsen, Germany, and most of the meteorite resides in European museums. This L5 chondrite, veined, is seldom seen in the meteorite market. I have reference to two sales, one for $2708.00 per gram, and one for $4812.00 per gram. The fragments offered here are priced at a much more reasonable ~$750.00 per gram. Pohlitz, 0.67 gms.jpg (33602 bytes)
0.67 grams, $500.00


PORTALES VALLEY, New Mexico - Witnessed Fall  

This meteorite fell in and around Portales, Roosevelt County, New Mexico, on 13 June 1998, and created a sensation in the meteorite world when some of the masses were cut revealing large inclusions of metal. Portales was classified as an H6 chondrite, brecciated, metal-rich veined. This clean crusted partial slice is the heavy metal material. The photo does not show the metal well but there are 5 nice metal inclusions in it. The specimen weighs 8.5 grams, is housed in a clear plastic 5 by 5 cm box, and is priced at a very reasonable $106.00. Portales Valley, 8.5 gms.jpg (99339 bytes)


PUERTO LAPICE, Spain - Witnessed Fall SOLD

PUTORANA rock, Russia

When first discovered, the Putorana rock was thought to be a Mesosiderite; however, further analysis determined it was terrestrial iron in basalt. The material came from Siberia, Russia. Just as rare as a meteorite, I purchased this complete slice from Blaine Reed several years ago for my meteorite show display. It is no longer required for my display so it is for sale at the same price I paid Blaine for it - SOLD  Putorana rock.jpg (1272738 bytes)

PULTUSK, Poland - Witnessed Fall 

After the appearance of a fireball, followed by detonations, a large shower of stones fell on 30 January 1868 over a wide area between Pultusk and Ostrolenka, near Warsaw, Poland. Pultusk is classified as an H5 chondrite, gas rich, brecciated, veined. The partial slice offered here weighs 22 grams and is priced reasonably at $175.00. Pultusk, 22 gms.jpg (376881 bytes)

QINGZHEN, China - Witnessed Fall  SOLD

RAKOVKA, Russia - Witnessed Fall  SOLD

RANGALA, India - Witnessed Fall  SOLD

RENAZZO, Italy - Witnessed Fall - Traded

RICHARDTON, North Dakota - Witnessed Fall

After the appearance of a fireball and detonations, several stones fell on 30 June 1918 between Richardton and Mott, Stark County, North Dakota. Richardton is classified as an H5 chondrite, veined. Most of this material is held within meteorite repositories and is seldom seen in the meteorite marketplace. The clean fragment offered here weighs 1.65 grams and is priced at $19.00. Richardton, 1.65 gms.jpg (29474 bytes)


A mass of 30 lbs was found when an old well was cleaned out in the autumn of 1951 in Navarro County, Texas, Richland was classified an Iron,  Hexahedrite, IIA. Also know as Fredericksburg, most of this material is retained at TCU. These slices are attributed to the TCU collection. Richland, 28.4 gms.jpg (66486 bytes)
28.0 grams, SOLD
Richland, 27.6 gms.jpg (60957 bytes)
27.3 grams, SOLD

ROCHESTER, Indiana - Witnessed Fall  

According to the Meteoritical Bulletin, after passage eastward for more than a 1000 miles of luminous meteors over the United States from Kansas to Ohio, and detonations, a single stone of 340 grams fell on 21 December 1876 about 3 miles NW of Rochester, Fulton County, Indiana. This is an incredibly difficult location to obtain and seldom seen for sale or trade. Rochester is classified as an H6 chondrite. The partial slice offered here weighs 1.07 grams and is priced at $800.00. Rochester, 1.07 gms.jpg (31028 bytes)

ROSE CITY, Michigan - Witnessed Fall  SOLD

ROWTON, England - Witnessed Fall  SOLD

RUPOTA, Tanzania - Witnessed Fall

On 7 February 1949 a single stone was seen to fall about 4.5 miles east of Ruponda, Mtwara, Tanzania. The meteorite weighed  about 6 kilograms and was subsequently classified as an L4 chondrite, xenolithic. And, lest we forget, L4s are not common! Rupota contains many nice clasts within the matrix. Seldom seen in the meteorite market, very little of this beautiful stone has been available outside museums. All of these well prepared part slices are polished on one side and have a cut surface on the other. Here is an opportunity to acquire another interesting location.

Rupota, 5.81 gms.jpg (15675 bytes)
5.81 grams, $104.50

Rupota, 8.6 gms.jpg (24825 bytes)
8.6 grams, $189.20, crust along edge facing coin SOLD

Rupota, 20.5 gms.jpg (39795 bytes)
20.5 grams, $369.00
Rupota, 7.0 gms.jpg (95356 bytes) 
7.0 grams, $126.00, housed in a clear 5 by 5 cm plastic box
Rupota, 41.1 gms.jpg (599472 bytes)
41.1 grams, crust along curved edge, $740.00

SAINT MICHEL, Finland - Witnessed Fall  

After the appearance of a fireball, two stones fell on 12 July 1910 in Mikkeli, Finland, and were recovered. Classified as an L6 chondrite, most of Saint Michel still resides in Helsinki, Finland. The well prepared crusted part slice offered here weighs 7.98 grams and is reasonably priced at $400.00, less than the previous owner paid for it. St. Michel, 7.98 gms.jpg (100446 bytes)

ST. MARK'S, South Africa - Witnessed Fall  SOLD

ST. LOUIS, Missouri - Witnessed Fall

A mass of ~1kg crashed through the roof of a car on West Florissant Avenue in St. Louis, Missouri, on 10 December 1950. John Houser, the driver, was missed by about two feet and thought he had a tire blowout. St. Louis is classified as an H4 chondrite and today less than 100 grams are known to exist. It is next to impossible to find any material in the meteorite marketplace. The partial slices offered here are well cut and polished. St. Louis, 0.61 gms.jpg (33929 bytes)
0.610 grams, crust on upper edge, $1090.00
St. Louis, 0.640 gms.jpg (30501 bytes)
0.640 grams, $1045.00
St. louis, 0.664 gms.jpg (30572 bytes)
0.664 grams, crust on right edge, $1190.00
St. Louis, 0.796 gms.jpg (32621 bytes)
0.706 grams, SOLD

SAINT SEVERIN, France - Witnessed Fall  SOLD

SARATOV, Russia - Witnessed Fall 

After the appearance of a fireball and detonations, several stones fell on 6 September 1918 at Donguz and Belaya Gora, Penza, Saratov region, Russia. Saratov is classified as an L4 chondrite, contains fabulous chondrules, is very friable and difficult to cut.  Saratov, 29 gms.jpg (120343 bytes)
29 grams, $87.00
Saratov, 9.6 gms.jpg (33976 bytes)
9.6 grams, $38.40
Saratov, 31.6 gms.jpg (107382 bytes)
31.6 grams, $95.00
Saratov, 25.1 gms.jpg (73824 bytes)
25.1 grams, $75.00
Saratov, 3.278 gms.jpg (28973 bytes)
3.278 grams, $19.65
Saratov, 2.116 gms.jpg (28447 bytes)
2.116 grams, $12.70
Saratov, 3.492 gms.jpg (28528 bytes)
 3.492 grams,  SOLD
Saratov, 2.618 gms.jpg (27815 bytes)
 2.618 grams,  SOLD
Saratov, 1.762 gms.jpg (23845 bytes)
1.762 grams, $10.55


SAVTSCHENSKOJE, Ukraine - Witnessed Fall SOLD