Meteor P.13

Established 1982


Updated 25 July 2013

OCHANSK, Russia - Witnessed Fall  

After the appearance of a fireball and detonations, a shower of stones fell on 30 August 1877 over the village of Tabory, near Ochansk, Perm region, Russia. Classified as an H4 chondrite, brecciated, Ochansk is a friable meteorite and not easily cut into slices. This specimen weighs 2.55 grams and is priced at $20.00. Ochansk, 2.55 gms.jpg (24715 bytes)




A single stone of 12.7 kg was found by a farmer while plowing a cotton field. This H5 chondrite was found in 1992 in Dawson Count, Texas. Not readily available in the meteorite market, these partial slices will make a welcome addition to many meteorite collections. O'Donnell, 3.470 gms.jpg (26147 bytes)
3.470 grams, $27.75
O'Donnell, 3.222 gms.jpg (27146 bytes)
3.222 grams, $25.75
O'Donnell, 3.002 gms.jpg (29868 bytes)
3.002 grams, SOLD

OESEDE, Germany - Witnessed Fall  SOLD

OHABA, Romania - Witnessed Fall  SOLD

ORNANS, France - Witnessed Fall  SOLD

ORVINIO, Italy - Witnessed Fall  SOLD

OUADANGOU, Burkina Faso - Witnessed Fall

This meteorite fell near Lampayrie, Burkina Faso, in November 2003 and was classified as an L5 chondrite. I purchased a partial slice from Marcin Cimala (Poland Met) and finally got around to cutting it to fit my collection. Three partial slices were left from the cutting. These are well prepared slices.

The Meteoritical Bulletin has been updated to include this fall and the official name is OUADANGOU.

Lampayrie, 1.510 gms.jpg (23688 bytes)
1.510 grams, $60.40
Lampayrie, 1.295 gms.jpg (32779 bytes)
1.295 grams, SOLD
Lampayrie, 1.347 gms.jpg (31561 bytes)
1.347 grams, SOLD

OUED EL HADJAR, Morocco - Witnessed Fall 


The Meteoritical Bulletin states "Nomads heard a loud whistle and saw a 1215.5 g stone fall 200 meters from their tent. The stone was broken into many pieces (sacrificed on an alter) 15 days later during a wedding ceremony" and given to members of the wedding party. Sometimes referred to as the "wedding meteorite," the stone fell in March 1986 somewhere in Morocco, A portion of the main mass was later purchased and eventually made it's way into the meteorite marketplace. An interesting provenance and story. The partial slice offered here weighs 4.2 grams, is housed in a 5 by 5 cm clear plastic box, and is priced at $90.00. Oued el Hadjar, 4.2 gms.jpg (94863 bytes)

OUM DREYGA, Morocco - Witnessed Fall

This meteorite fell on 16 October 2003 in the Gour Lafkah Mountains, about 21 km from Oum Dreyga and south of Zbayra. Moroccan soldiers stationed in the Western Sahara saw the fall and about 17 kg were recovered. Oum Dreyga is classified as an H3-5 chondrite and has been sold under the name of "Amgala" as well. This is a great looking meteorite with gorgeous black fusion crust an interesting busy matrix. It is a very affordable witnessed fall.


Oum Dreyga, 9.2 gms (a).jpg (63564 bytes)
19.2 grams, end cut, side a, $150.00

Oum Dreyga. 19.2 gms (b).jpg (70333 bytes)
19.2 grams, end cut, side b
Oum Dreyga, 2.882 gms.jpg (41792 bytes)
2.882 grams, $31.70
Oum Dreyga, 3.731 gms.jpg (31685 bytes)
3.731 grams, SOLD
Oum Dreyga, 1.992 gms.jpg (34369 bytes)
1.992 grams, SOLD
Oum Dreyga, 2.390 gms.jpg (36248 bytes) 
2.390 grams, $26.30

OURIQUE, Portugal - Witnessed Fall  SOLD

OZERNOE, Russia  


Two stones were found in the Ozernoe district, Kurgan region, Russia, one in 1983 and the second in 1985. Classified as an L6 chondrite, Ozernoe has a rich brown matrix. The specimens offered here are well cut and polished. Ozernoe, 3.27 gms.jpg (29334 bytes)
3.27 grams, $8.20
Ozernoe, 3.60 gms.jpg (29940 bytes)
3.60 grams, SOLD
Ozernoe, 3.64 gms.jpg (29620 bytes)
3.64 grams, $9.10
Ozernoe, 2.99 gms.jpg (26529 bytes)
2.99 grams, $7.50
Ozernoe, 3.31 gms.jpg (25830 bytes)
3.31 grams, $8.30
Ozernoe, 2.26 gms.jpg (26747 bytes)
2.26 grams, $5.65
Ozernoe, 3.86 gms.jpg (26226 bytes)
3.86 grams, $9.65
Ozernoe, 3.69 gms.jpg (26201 bytes)
3.69 grams, $9.25
Ozernoe, 3.76 gms.jpg (27550 bytes)
3.76 grams, $9.40
Ozernoe, 3.19 gms.jpg (34824 bytes)
3.19 grams, $8.00
Ozernoe, 2.44 gms.jpg (33581 bytes)
2.44 Grams, $6.10
Ozernoe, 3.24 gms.jpg (33559 bytes)
3.24 grams, $8.10
Ozernoe, 3.16 gms.jpg (26891 bytes)
3.16 grams, $7.90
Ozernoe, 5.64 gms.jpg (93373 bytes)
5.64 grams, $14.10

PALCA de APARZO, Argentina - Witnessed Fall  SOLD

PADVARNINKAI, Lithuania - Witnessed Fall  SOLD

PALOMAS, Mexico  


The Palomas meteorite was found near the village of Palomas, Chihuahua, Mexico, in late 2002. Only a single stone of 8.9 kg was found. This meteorite was classified as an H4 chondrite. All slices show good metal flecking and, although weathered, there is some remnants of fusion crust. An interesting and very inexpensive find. Palomas, 14.6 gms.jpg (31056 bytes)
14.6 grams, end cut, SOLD
Palomas, 26.4 gms.jpg (42070 bytes)
26.4 grams, $66.00

PARAGOULD, Arkansas - Witnessed Fall  SOLD