Meteor P.17

Established 1982


Updated 26 July 2013


A single stone of 76 kg was found in a grain field near Northbranch, Jewell County, Kansas about 1972. Classified as an H5 chondrite, Northbranch is only one of many Kansas meteorites known to date.

Northbranch, 1,788 gms.jpg (35640 bytes)
1.788 grams, $4.50
Northbranch, 2.100 gms.jpg (36408 bytes)
2.100 grams, SOLD
Northbranch, 2.606 gms.jpg (35749 bytes)
2.606 grams, SOLD
Northbranch, 2.670 gms.jpg (40097 bytes)
2.670 grams, SOLD
Northbranch, 2.586 gms.jpg (36860 bytes)
2.586 grams, SOLD
Northbranch, 2.102 gms.jpg (37390 bytes)
2.102 grams, $5.25

NORTON COUNTY, Kansas - Witnessed Fall  

After a brilliant fireball and a tremendous noise, a huge shower of stones fell over a large area of Norton County, Kansas, and Furnas County, Nebraska. This meteorite fell on 18 February 1948, was named Norton County, and classified as an achondrite, Ca-poor, Aubrite, fragmental breccia. The main mass resides at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque. Norton County is very historical and scientifically valuable meteorite. Some material within the meteorite is of the rare black material; this is shown in the specimen (on right) which weighs 0.32 grams, and came from Aerolite Meteorites. It is priced at less than the previous owner paid for it - $75.00. The Numbered specimens below, from the University of New Mexico, will include a photocopy of the UM label as shown. Norton County, 0.32 gms.jpg (27768 bytes)
0.32 grams, $75.00
Norton County, 2.21 gms.jpg (32878 bytes)
2.21 grams, $46.40
Norton County, 1.84 gms.jpg (31414 bytes)
1.84 grams, $38.60
Norton County label.jpg (42399 bytes) Norton County, 1.46 gms.jpg (32473 bytes)
1.46 grams, $30.65
Norton County, 1.90 gms.jpg (34684 bytes)
1.90 grams, $39.90
Norton County, 2.31 gms.jpg (35495 bytes)
2.31 grams, $48.50

NOYAN-BOGDO, Mongolia - Witnessed Fall

This meteorite fell on 25 September 1933 in Omnogov aimag, Mongolia, but fragments were not recovered until 1948. Noyan-Bogdo is classified as an L6 chondrite and, reportedly, only about 250 grams are know to exist. This partially crusted specimen came from Al Lang's collection, weighs 42 grams, and is very reasonably priced at $350.00. Noyan-Bogdo, 42 gms.jpg (616435 bytes)

NUEVO MERCURIO, Mexico - Witnessed Fall

A fireball exploded over north-central Mexico on 15 December 1978 and scattered hundreds of stones over a large area in Zacatecas state. Nuevo Mercurio is classified as an H5 chondrite and is usually available as small complete or broken stones. The partial slices shown here are my total inventory and very reasonably priced. 

Nuevo Mecurio, 0.700 gms.jpg (28474 bytes)
0.700 grams, SOLD
Nuevo Mercurio, 3.01 gms.jpg (26832 bytes)
3.01 grams, SOLD,  
Nuevo Mercurio, 2.936 gms.jpg (33588 bytes)
2.936 grams, $29.35 crust on curved edges
Nuevo Mercurio, 2.270 gms.jpg (28344 bytes)
2.270 grams, SOLD
Nuevo Mercurio, 3.940 gms.jpg (32896 bytes)
 3.940 grams, $39.40, crust on curved edges

NULLES, Spain - Witnessed Fall  

After the appearance of a fireball and detonations, many stones fell on 5 November 1851 between the villages of Nulles, Vilabella, and Tarragona, Catalonia, Spain. Classified as an H6 chondrite, regolith breccia, gas rich, Nulles is very difficult to obtain as only a few hundred grams are outside of the National Museum in Spain. The specimen offered here came from Arizona State University, weighs 0.846 grams and is priced at only $300.00. Nulles, 0.846 gms.jpg (28370 bytes)

NWA 482, Northwest Africa, Lunar  SOLD

NWA 800, Northwest Africa, R4 

NWA 800, 1.982 gms.jpg (23046 bytes)
1.982 grams, $39.60
NWA 800, 4.112 gms.jpg (27790 bytes)
4.112 grams, $82.25
NWA 800, 5.454 gms.jpg (29668 bytes)
5.454 grams, $109.00
These end cuts came from my personal collection piece I obtained some years ago from Rob Elliot. NWA 800 was found in 2000 in the Sahara Desert, Algeria/Morocco, and classified as a Rumuruti, type 4. NWA 800 has outstanding chondrules. 

NWA 1929, Northwest Africa


A single stone was purchased in 2003 in Morocco. Later, it was classified as an achondrite, Howardite. The partial slice offered here has some crust, weighs 2.773 grams, and is priced at SOLD. NWA 1929, 2.773 gms.jpg (31881 bytes)

NWA 2828, Northwest Africa

Northwest Africa 2828 was purchased by Greg Hupe from a Moroccan dealer in December 2005. I acquired a nice slice sometime ago and never got around to cutting it until recently. NWA 2828 is now classified as an achondrite, Aubrite, with the location shown as either Mauritania or Algeria. Each of these partial slices display quite nicely.


NWA 2828, 1.111 gms.jpg (26389 bytes)
1.111 grams, SOLD
NWA 2828, 1.497 gms.jpg (30229 bytes)
1.497 grams, SOLD
NWA 2828, 1.710 gms.jpg (28715 bytes)
1.710 grams, SOLD
NWA 2828, 1.357 gms.jpg (30208 bytes)
  1.357 grams,   SOLD
NWA 2828, 1.593 gms.jpg (28025 bytes)
1.593 grams, SOLD
NWA 2828, 1.121 gms.jpg (27668 bytes)
 1.121 grams,  SOLD

NWA 3117, Northwest Africa 

Three stones were purchased in Erfoud, Morocco, in 2003 and classified as an achondrite, Howardite. The specimen offered here weighs 1.612 grams and is priced at SOLD. NWA 3117, 1.162 gms.jpg (28068 bytes)

NWA 4025, Northwest Africa

This exotic meteorite was found in the Sahara Desert and purchased in Morocco in 2005. The total known weight of NWA 4025 is only 754 grams. Classified as a Carbonaceous chondrite, Bencubbinite, this is one of the rarest classes of meteorites and is stunning in appearance. The specimen shown here weighs 2.795 grams and is priced at $167.70, less than most dealers request. NWA 4025, 2.795 gms.jpg (25528 bytes)

NWA 5205, Northwest Africa  

This meteorite was found in 2006 in the Sahara Desert (probably Morocco) and was classified as a LL3.2 chondrite. The part slice offered here weighs 2.694 grams and is priced at $53.85. NWA 5205, 2.694 gms.jpg (30713 bytes)

NWA 5923, Northwest Africa

This meteorite was purchased in Erfoud, Morocco, in 2008 and was classified as an L3 chondrite. The part slice offered here weighs 1.746 grams and is priced at $17.45.  NWA 5923, 1.746 gms.jpg (25877 bytes)