Meteor P.10a

Established 1982


Updated 16 July 2013

L'Aigle, France - Witnessed Fall

Reportedly, a shower of more than 3000 stones fell north of L'Aigle, Orne, Normandy, France, on 26 July 1803. Upon hearing of this event, the French Academy of Science dispatched Jean-Bapiste Biot to investigate the phenomenon. After his field work was completed, Biot distinguished two kinds of evidence of an extraterrestrial origin for the stones. Physical evidence of the sudden appearance of a large number of identical stones similar to previous meteorites, and further evidence by the large number of witnesses who saw a "rain of stones thrown by the meteor" as well as their diversity of profession, interests, and social status. L'Aigle is the most famous meteorite in history for it proved the theory that stones did fall from the sky. Although a relatively large fall (~37 kg), L'Aigle is of such importance in history that it is very difficult to obtain. Valued highly by all meteorite institutions, it is expensive. L'Aigle is classified as an L6 chondrite, brecciated. The partial slices offered here are reasonably priced compared to some dealers asking prices of more than $1000.00 per gram.

L'Aigle, 2.260 gms.jpg (33633 bytes)
2.698 grams, $675.00
L'Aigle, 2.698 gms.jpg (32763 bytes)
2.260 grams, SOLD
L'Aigle, 0.90 gms.jpg (26139 bytes)
0.90 grams, crust on top edge, $225.00
L'Aigle, 1.06 gms.jpg (19309 bytes)
1.06 grams, crust on upper edge, SOLD
L'Aigle, 2.756 gms.jpg (26805 bytes)
2.756 grams, crust on upper edge, $689.00

LEIGHTON, Alabama - Witnessed Fall  SOLD

LEMMON, South Dakota

A 6.68 kg stone was found by a women in Perkins County, South Dakota, sometime before 1984, and was placed in her driveway border until it was recognized as a meteorite and purchased in 1998. Lemmon was classified as an H5 chondrite and a only a few slices were removed prior to the main mass being sold to a private collector. Only ~300 grams of this meteorite are available to the collector. South Dakota meteorites are seldom available in the collector's market.

Lemmon, 3.250 gms.jpg (30449 bytes)
3.250 grams, SOLD
Lemmon, 2.680 gms.jpg (30985 bytes)
 2.680 grams,  SOLD
Lemmon, 3.446 gms.jpg (29915 bytes)
 3.446 grams,  SOLD
Lemmon, 2.884 gms.jpg (28842 bytes)
 2.884 grams,  SOLD
Lemmon, 6.7 gms.jpg (90146 bytes)
6.7 grams, $23.45, in 50 mm by 50 mm box
Lemmon, 4.224 gms.jpg (88510 bytes)
4.224 grams, $14.75, in 50 mm by 50 mm box

LIMERICK, Ireland - Witnessed Fall  SOLD

LINUM, Germany - Witnessed Fall

After detonations, a single stone weighing 1.862 kg fell on 5 September 1854 in Fehrbellin, Brandenburg, Germany, and was recovered. Linum is classified as an L6 chondrite and only a few grams have ever been released from repositories. The fragment offered here weighs 1.68 grams and is priced at $900.00, well below what I have seen advertised. Linum, 1.68 gms.jpg (26842 bytes)


LITTLE PINEY, Missouri - Witnessed Fall  

According to The Meteoritical Bulletin, after the appearance of a luminous fireball, on 13 February 1839, a single stone fell near Little Piney and Pine Bluff, Pulaski County, Missouri. Less than 500 grams of this L5 chondrite have been preserved in museum collections. This meteorite location is nearly impossible to obtain: thus, here is a great opportunity to add a rare location to your collection.  Little Piney, 0.61 gms.jpg (26333 bytes)
0.61 grams, $300.00
Little Piney, 0.282 gms.jpg (34642 bytes)
0.282 grams, $140.00


LOST CITY, Oklahoma - Witnessed Fall  

On the evening of 3 January 1970, this meteorite collided with Earth near Lost City, Cherokee County, Oklahoma. Lost City is classified as an H5 chondrite and is of significant historical importance as it is the only meteorite observed by the Prairie Photographic Network. Both specimens offered here are well cut and polished. Lost City, 0.574 gms.jpg (27925 bytes)
0.574 grams, crust on upper edge, $100.00
Lost City, 0.91 gms.jpg (29036 bytes)
0.91 grams, $160.00

LUCE, France - Witnessed Fall  SOLD

LUOTOLAX, Finland - Witnessed Fall    SOLD

MALAKAL, Sudan - Witnessed Fall  SOLD

MALAMPAKA, Tanzania - Witnessed Fall  SOLD

MALOTAS, Argentina - Witnessed Fall

On the afternoon of 22 June 1931 a large shower of stones fell over a large area NE of Malotas, Salavina department, Santiago del Estero, Argentina, Malotas is classified as an H5 chondrite, gas-rich, and very little of this material has ever shown up in the meteorite marketplace. The partial slices offered here do not have crust but are still nice clean specimens from an uncommon location. Each will please someone.

Malotas, 4.515 gms.jpg (27454 bytes)
4.515 grams, $45.15
Malotas, 4.848 gms.jpg (46837 bytes)
4.848 grams, $48.50
Malotas, 3.724 gms.jpg (45475 bytes)
3.724 grams, SOLD
Malotas, 4.300 gms.jpg (26539 bytes)
4.300 grams, $43.00
Malotas, 3.563 gms.jpg (27514 bytes)
 3.563 grams,  SOLD
Malotas, 37.8 gms.jpg (56539 bytes)
37.8 grams, $340.00

MANGWENDI, Zimbabwe - Witnessed Fall  SOLD

MANYCH, Russia - Witnessed Fall  SOLD

MENOW, Germany - Witnessed Fall   SOLD

MARILIA, Brazil - Witnessed Fall  SOLD

MARION, Iowa - Witnessed Fall

After detonations, a stone was seen to fall on 25 February 1847, 9 miles south of Marion, Linn County, Iowa. Later, two additional stones were recovered. Marion is classified as an L6 chondrite, veined. Most of this meteorite resides in museums and it is seldom seen in the meteorite market. All of the partial slices offered here will make some collector happy. 

Marion, 4.732 gms.jpg (38868 bytes)
4.732 grams, SOLD
Marion, 6.216 gms.jpg (42014 bytes)
6.216 grams, SOLD
Marion, 4.966 gms.jpg (39551 bytes)
4.966 grams, SOLD
Marion, 5.652 gms.jpg (39553 bytes)
 5.652 grams,  SOLD
Marion, 8.036 gms.jpg (43953 bytes)
8.036 grams, SOLD
Marion, 6.020 gms.jpg (40877 bytes)
6.020 grams, $210.70

MERUA, India - Witnessed Fall

After detonations, six stones fell on 30 August 1920 at Merua and in nearby areas, Allahbad district, Uttar Pradesh, India. Classified as an H5 chondrite, most of this meteorite is held in Calcutta, India. The clean fragment offered here weighs 0.992 grams and is priced at SOLD Merua, 0.992 gms.jpg (29101 bytes)

MESSINA, Sicily - Witnessed Fall  SOLD

MIFFLIN, Wisconsin - Witnessed Fall

Mifflin fell on 14 April 2010 and created a full scale hunt for specimens. The fall occurred in Mifflin Township, Wisconsin, and numerous stones were collected. The specimen offered here is a fully crusted slice with both light and dark material and large clasts. The specimens housed in a 5 by 5 cm lidded container, weighs 6.6 grams, and is reasonably priced at $660.00. Mifflin, 6.6 grams.jpg (100673 bytes)

MIGHEI, Ukraine - Witnessed Fall  SOLD

MILES, Australia 

A single mass was found on farmland in 1992 and was classified as an Octahedrite, IIE, with silicate inclusions. The part slice offered here weighs 5.9 grams and is priced at $88.50. Miles, 5.9 gms.jpg (43076 bytes)

MILLBILLILLIE, Australia - Witnessed Fall

A large fireball was observed in October 1960 and an object fell to earth in the Wiluna district, Western Australia. Ten years later the first of the stones were recovered and the meteorite was classified as an Achondrite, monomict Eucrite. Complete stones show a distinctive orange coloration on the exterior. Millbillillie has the typical light gray interior and good fusion crust similar to most Eucrites.

Millbillillie, 2.620 gms.jpg (28731 bytes)
2.620 grams, full slice, SOLD
Millbillillie, 1.432 gms.jpg (22917 bytes)
1.432 grams, end cut, $35.80
Millbillillie, 1.900 gms.jpg (25881 bytes)
1.900 grams, full slice, SOLD
Millbillillie, 2.696 gms.jpg (29670 bytes)
2.696 grams, full slice, SOLD
Millbillillie, 6.67 gms.jpg (96640 bytes)
6.67 grams, full crusted slice in 5 by 5 cm clear plastic box, $125.00

MISSHOF, Latvia - Witnessed Fall  SOLD

MODOC, Kansas - Witnessed Fall

After the appearance of a fireball and followed by detonations, 15 to 20 stones fell on 2 September 1905 in Scott County, Kansas. Modoc is classified as an L6 chondrite, veined, and is mostly held in a few repositories. This specimen is a complete crusted slice cut by Matt Morgan from his specimen #2187 originally from the American Museum of Natural History. The specimen weighs 31+ grams and is priced at $1200.00 which is less than the previous owner paid for it. Modoc, 31.0 gms.jpg (434758 bytes)

MONAHANS (1998), Texas - Witnessed Fall

Two stones fell on 22 March 1998, in the city of Monahans, Ward County, Texas, after a fireball was witnessed over a wide area from the fall site. One of the stones impacted an asphalt city street; the other landed near where some boys were playing basketball. One stone remains with the city of Monahans; the second stone was auctioned and the proceeds set up in college funds for the boys who found it. Monahans is an H5 chondrite with light and dark clasts in a gray-colored pulverized matrix containing grains of purple halite and sylvite. This meteorite is next to impossible to obtain, and then only in tiny fragments. The micros shown here were obtained from Steve Arnold who received them as part his commission in brokering the boy's stone. Each is priced at $30.00. 

Monahans, g.jpg (24713 bytes)
Monahans, e.jpg (27561 bytes)
Monahans, i.jpg (27047 bytes)
Monahans, j.jpg (23463 bytes)
Monahans, k.jpg (23177 bytes)
Monahans, l.jpg (27319 bytes)

MONROE, North Carolina - Witnessed Fall

After detonations, a single stone fell on 31 October 1849 between Charlotte and Monroe, Cabarrus County, North Carolina. Classified as an H4 chondrite, brecciated, most of Monroe is held in the Arizona State collection. The partial endcut offered here was removed from ASU specimen #274, weighs 27 grams, has fusion crust on the exterior, and is ex RA Langheinrich collection. It is priced at $2295.00, considerable less per gram than the last sale I could find. Monroe ext, 26.9 gms.jpg (54255 bytes) Monroe, 26.9 gms.jpg (57437 bytes)

MONZE, Zambia - Witnessed Fall 

A shower of stones fell over a wide area including the villages of Chizuni and Chiteba, Southern Province, Zambia, on 5 October 1950. Monze is classified as an L6 chondrite and is seldom seen in the meteorite market. The partial slice offered here weighs 3.160 grams and is priced at a reasonable $22.10. Monze, 3160 gms.jpg (34896 bytes)

MOORESFORT, Ireland - Witnessed Fall  SOLD

MORAVKA, Czech Republic - Witnessed Fall  SOLD