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Updated 5 July 2012

JUANCHENG, China - Witnessed Fall  

This H5 chondrite caused a tremendous sensation in China when it fell on 15 February 1997 near the village of Heze in Juancheng County. Local Chinese peasants picked up several hundred fresh specimens along the Yangtze River shortly after the fall. Because so many stones were retained by the locals and given to government officials, the total weight of the fall will never be known. Specimens offered here are fresh, picked up shortly after the fall, and are not like most of the pieces on the market today which were found later and show signs of rust. Note the beautiful brecciation on the partial slices. There is documentation that at least one stone went through a dwelling roof.

Juancheng, 18.8 gms.jpg (73477 bytes)
18.7 grams, crust, $56.10

Juancheng, 20.7 part stone.jpg (26890 bytes)
20.7 grams broken stone with crust $

Juancheng, 17.3 gms slice.jpg (32863 bytes)
17.3 grams full slice, crust all around, $51.90

Juancheng, 15.7 gms.jpg (67741 bytes)
15.7 grams, end cut, crust, $47.10

Juancheng, 19.0 gms.jpg (61102 bytes)
19.0 grams, SOLD, broken stone with100% crust on exterior

Juancheng, 17.5 gms.jpg (52018 bytes)
17.5 grams, complete stone, 100% crusted, SOLD

                                                                                                                                                                                                        JUMAPALO, JUMAPALO, Indonesia - Witnessed Fall  SOLD

JUVINAS, France - Witnessed Fall  SOLD