Established 1982


Updated 5 July 2013


Known before 1822, Imilac has been recovered from the Atacama Desert ever since. Mostly found in small nuggets with little or no olivine, Imilac is a Stony-iron, Pallasite, of the main group, with angular olivine shape. When recovered in a sufficiently large mass to provide cut slices, Imilac presents us with gorgeous display specimens. These slices were cut from a block obtained from The Natural History Museum in London. Imilac slices are not readily available so here is an opportunity to acquire a nicely cut and polished specimen for your collection. 

Imilac, 8.2gms.jpg (22723 bytes)
8.2 grams,
Imilac, 5.370 gms.jpg (32032 bytes)
5.370 grams, $134.25
Imilac, 53.8 gms.jpg (56087 bytes)
53.8 grams, 
Imilac 7.35 gms.jpg (22730 bytes)
7.35 grams, 
Imilac, 4.494 gms.jpg (13075 bytes)
4.494 grams, 
Imilac, 1.448 gms.jpg (11058 bytes)
1.448 grams, SOLD

INDARCH, Azerbaijan - Witnessed Fall  SOLD

INDEPENDENCE, MO - Witnessed Fall 

In the summer of 1917, Edward Keesling was cultivating a field near Independence, Jackson County, Missouri, when he heard a buzzing sound and saw a dark object falling to earth. The 880 gram stone was recovered by him and retained in a cabinet until many years after his death. The L6 chondrite was sold by his heirs. The part slice offered here is one of the few and one of the largest cut from the meteorite. It weighs 37.9 grams, has excellent crust on the three non-broken sides, and is priced at $1700.00. I had it in my personal collection for several years. E. Keesling, Independence.jpg (32405 bytes) Independence, 37.9 gms.jpg (488513 bytes)

JACKALSFONTEIN, South Africa - Witnessed Fall  SOLD

JHUNG, Pakistan - Witnessed Fall  SOLD 

JILIN, China - Witnessed Fall  


After a red fireball and several explosions, a large shower of stones fell on 8 March 1976 over Yongji Province, China, and about 4000 kg were collected. Jilin is classified as an H5 chondrite with shock veins. Even though the TKW is large, most of the material is held in Jilin. The crusted part slice offered here weighs 5.780 grams and is priced at a modest $28.90. Jilin, 5.780 gms.jpg (30548 bytes)

JOHNSTOWN, Colorado - Witnessed Fall


After four detonations, 27 stones fell on 6 July 1924 near Johnstown, Weld County, Colorado, and were recovered. Johnstown is classified as an achondrite, monomict Diogenite, brecciated, and most of the material is held in the American Museum of Natural History in New York. The partial slice offered here has a speck of crust, weighs 1.51 grams, and is very reasonably priced at $270.00. Johnstown, 1.51 gms.jpg (34934 bytes)

JONZAC, France - Witnessed Fall  SOLD