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Updated 14 March 2016

Everyone seems enraptured by everything dinosaur. We carry a modest but select inventory of dinosaur bones, eggs, claws, and teeth. All dinosaur material shown on this site is genuine and properly identified. We do not sell casts or replicas!  All material was removed from private property, cleaned and restored as necessary, and. in some cases, protected with a preservative. Even with this extra care, our prices for these fine specimens are typically the same, and often less, than similar material of lesser quality offered by others. 

Offered here is a wonderful Tyrannosaurus rex tooth in matrix from the Upper Cretaceous, Hell Creek Formation, Harding County, South Dakota. The tooth is ~5 cm overall and in very good condition. From a private collection we purchased, this tooth originally came from Geological Enterprises in Oklahoma about 15 years ago. It is priced at $1200.00, considerably less than the previous owner paid for it. T-Rex tooth on matrix.jpg (128152 bytes)


Deltadomeus, $80.jpg (71520 bytes) Deltadomeus agillis SOLD


Uncovered in the Sahara Desert of Morocco, these fossil teeth of Spinosaurus aegyptiacus are some of the least expensive dinosaur teeth available. They are approximately 95 million years old. Spinosaurus is the only known aquatic dinosaur, and noted for the tall "sail fin" on it's back. Further, it had a crocodilian snout and broad feet. All have some repair but remain impressive. Priced as noted.
Spinosaurus tooth, $70.jpg (173024 bytes)
~9 cm overall, $70.00
Spinosaurus tooth (A), $40.jpg (110717 bytes)
A. ~6 cm overall, $40.00
Spinosaurus tooth (B), $40.00.jpg (105670 bytes)
B. ~6 cm overall, SOLD
Spinosaurus tooth (D) $25.jpg (103240 bytes)
D. ~4.2 cm overall, SOLD
Spinosaurus tooth (E) $25.jpg (77962 bytes)
D. ~4.2 cm overall, SOLD
Spinosaurus tooth (F) $s5.jpg (86050 bytes)
F. ~3.5 cm overall, SOLD