Fossils P.6

Established 1982


Updated 14 March 2016


Offered here is an exquisite fossilized shrimp from the famous Solnhofen quarry, Eichstadt, Germany. This specimen of Antrimpos sp. is from the Jurassic period and measures  more than 7 inches outstretched. The plate measures ~7.5 inches by 14 inches overall. Both positive and negative plates are in excellent condition having been repaired where broken. The shrimp is well defined and heavily mineralized. All shrimp from Solnhofen are difficult to obtain today and complete pairs are next to impossible to obtain. Reasonably priced at SOLD

positive side

positive side close-up

negative side

negative side close-up


Offered here is a rarely seen and  good example of the fossil fish, Stichocentrus sp., from the Middle Cretaceous, Hjoula, Lebanon. The fish measures ~6 cm overall and is priced at $100.00. Stichocentrus fish.jpg (224527 bytes)


Here is another multiple fish plate. These Paddle fish (Centris strigatus) are from the Lower Pliocene, Marecchia River Formation, Poggio Berni province, Italy. The price noted is $540.00 but I would accept $400.00 for this exquisite display specimen.  SOLD Paddle fish plate.jpg (880174 bytes)


Seldom seen are these vertebrae from the fossil Stegodon trigonocephalus, a dwarf elephant from the Pleistocene period, Solo River, Java, Indonesia. They are ~12,000 years old. SOLD
Stegodon vertabrae, a.jpg (1034461 bytes)
a. side, SOLD
Stegodon vertabrae, b.jpg (1095317 bytes)
b. side, SOLD
Stegodon vert, $50, a.jpg (1142721 bytes)
a. side, SOLD
Stegodon vert, $50, b.jpg (1199297 bytes)
b. side, SOLD