Fossils P.5

Established 1982


Updated 26 July 2017

Cave Bear partial jaws and Jaw sections. These are hand picked examples of the Cave Bear Ursus speleaus, from the Pleistocene (about 25,000 years old), Caprathian Mountain caves in the Brasov area, Romania. This material is becoming much more difficult to acquire as well as becoming more expensive.




These are hand picked specimens of the Cave Bear Ursus speleaus from the Pleistocene period (about 25,000 years old), Caprathian Mountains, Romania. Cave Bear material is becoming more difficult to acquire and, subsequently, more expensive.


Cave Bear Paw, b.jpg (643310 bytes)
Large paw, approximately 29 cm in overall length, SOLD
Cave Bear Paw.jpg (619965 bytes)
Large paw - approximately 26 cm in overall length, SOLD

 Mammoth Hair - This is real Mammoth Hair from Mammuthus primigenius, Pleistocene in age (more than 10.000 years old), Taimyr region, Siberia, Russia. Each of the "Riker" mounts contains a small portion of hair and is priced as noted. These Mammoth Hair displays have been extremely popular. Please order by letter designation.


Fossil Cave Bear Canines - these are hand-picked examples from the bear Ursus speleaus, Pleistocene in age (~25,000 years old), from the Caprathian Mountains caves in the Brasov area, Romania. They range in length from ~8 to 10 cm, have good roots and undamaged tips. Some tips are well worn. SOLD OUT


The Jianganicthys hubeienisis fish from Song Zi, Hubei Province, China, are Oligocene in age, and well defined. The fish offered here are some of the better quality specimens we have seen and reasonably priced. Jianganicths fish, a.jpg (224217 bytes)
a, $20.00
Jianganicths fish, b.jpg (274927 bytes)
b, $20.00
Jianganicths fish, c.jpg (242702 bytes)
c, $20.00


Offered here is a nice specimen of Bregmaceeros albyl from the Lower Pliocene, Marecchia River, Poggio Berni, Rimini Province, Italy. It is priced at $40.00. Bregmaceeros fish.jpg (224373 bytes)