Established 1982


Updated 26 July 2017

We thought we would be unable to offer any more of these exquisite dragonfly larvae as the location is off limits to collectors. However, we were fortunate to acquire a few hand picked specimens and offer these excellent quality larvae to our customers. These Libellula doris specimens date to the upper Miocene age and come from Vittoria d'alba, Cuneo, Italy. The plates are quite thin and fragile; therefore, we enclose each specimen in a glass fronted mount case. We are not sure if more of these wonderful larvae specimens will be available in the future. These specimens are supplied in a glass front mount and priced as noted. Please order by letter designation.

Dragonfly larvae, 3.jpg (657658 bytes)
Triple plate in 5x6 inch (13x16 cm) glass front case, $150.00
Dragonfly larvae, H.jpg (418011 bytes)
H - Single larvae in 10.5 cm by 13 cm glass front mount case SOLD
Dragonfly larvae, D.jpg (616829 bytes)
D - Double  larvae in 13 cm by 16.5 cm glass front mount case, SOLD
Dragonfly larvae, E.jpg (659454 bytes)
E - Double larvae in 13 cm by 16.5 cm glass front mount case, SOLD