Fossils P.3

Established 1982


Updated 26 July 2017


These Scutella stelatta Echinoids from France are nearly impossible to find today, especially of this quality. From the Miocene period, Faluns de Touraine, France, these echinoids are ~7 cm in diameter, and in excellent display condition. SOLD OUT Scutella, $50.00.jpg (658539 bytes) Scutella, $60.jpg (570461 bytes) Scutella, $75.jpg (582086 bytes)


These specimens of Laganum depressum, a fossil echinoid from the Red Sea Coast of Egypt are one of a very few fossils found in Egypt. They date to the Pliocene and are seldom seen for sale.  echinoid laganum, $15.jpg (74809 bytes)
~4.5 cm, $15.00
echinoid laganum, $25.00.jpg (103158 bytes)
~5.5 cm, $25.00


Here is an uncommon ammonite, Cadoceras elatinae, from the Jurassic period, Gorki region, Russia. Approximately 6 cm in diameter, well prepared, and reasonably priced at SOLD Ammonite, Cadoceras, $100.jpg (260073 bytes)