Fossisl P.2

Established 1982


Updated 22 March 2016


These fossil trilobites are Ellipsocephalus hoffi, from the Cambrian period, Jince Formation, Bohemia, Czech Republic. Each is well prepared examples, reasonably priced, and will make a nice addition to a trilobite collection. Ellipsocephalus trilobite, $25.00.jpg (207572 bytes)
Ellipsocephalus trilobite, $40.00.jpg (240395 bytes)


Offered here is an exceptional example of Flexicalymene retorsa, from the Arnheim Formation, Highland County, Ohio. This trilobite dates to the Ordovician period and very well prepared and reasonably priced at $90.00. A welcome addition to any fossil collection. Flexi retorsa, $90.jpg (207642 bytes)


The Kainops invius trilobites originate in the Lower Devonian period and are recovered from the Bois d'Arc Formation, Clarita, Coal County, Oklahoma. Both specimens are well prepared. Kainops invius, $25.jpg (323211 bytes)
Kainops invius, $30.jpg (355285 bytes)