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Fossil dealer, fossil for sale, dinosaur fossils, fossil plants, fossil tooth, invertebrate fossils all relate to us; however, what do we mean when we use the word "fossil"? Many persons, including some collectors,  believe that for something to be a fossil it must have been a living thing and be hard, like rock. This is not always true as hair and bones, for example, can be fossilized but still retain the flexibility and composition of the original material. In addition, a fossil may be something other than the actual remains of a living creature. It may be a natural "cast" where material filled the empty cavity left by some long extinct living organism. In other instances, it may be nothing more than an impression. Of more recent discovery is the fossil mammoth hair from Siberia. Yes, real preserved hair from these shaggy creatures! There are numerous fossils for each collector - whether neophyte or advanced.

In actuality, a "fossil" is the preserved remains or traces of a living organism. Therefore, tracks of birds, dinosaurs, or other creatures preserved in the hardened mud or sandstone of a long vanished seashore, lake, stream, or pond are fossils - just as much as the remains of the long extinct creature itself. Fossils may be a feather, insect, or flower preserved in amber or copal (in this instance a fossil within a fossil as amber and copal are fossilized tree sap). The impression of a leaf, a fossil tooth from a giant shark, a dinosaur bone, or a million and one other ancient remains and imprints are part of the fossil record. It seems probable that dinosaur fossils are the most awe inspiring and eye-catching of all fossils (especially to children) but other vertebrate fossils can be just as interesting. Fossil insects and fossil plants may not as widely collected as some other fossils but that does not imply they cannot be as exciting to some collectors as bones may be to another. The important point to remember is that any fossil provides us with some insight to the past.

Our earth is roughly 4.5 billion years old but our geological history is less than 4 billion years old starting when the continental crust came together. Not long after that occurrence the first organisms appeared - algaes. Since that simple beginning, life on this planet has taken an evolutionary path with unsuccessful life forms falling by the wayside and successful forms replacing them.

We carry only authentic, legally collected, and professionally prepared fossils - no replicas, no reproductions, no fakes, no junk! It is sad to say that we encounter many so-called fossil dealers who carry low quality and poorly prepared specimens, as well as illegal, and even manufactured specimens. You can be assured that each and every fossil for sale by us is not only legitimate but also of good quality - many times at the same or even a lower price than mediocre specimens available elsewhere. As a professional fossil dealer, our reputation is on the line. Our valuable customer relationships are built on time and trust and we have many satisfied customers. 

Please keep in mind that almost all fossil specimens will have some repair, enhancement, or restoration. Seldom are fossils found or recovered intact; almost all require some work to bring the specimen to a presentable display level. With few exceptions, restoration will not be noted for fossils if the restoration is less than 20%. For purposes of clarification, repair means the reconstruction of the pieces recovered; enhancement means the use of coloration, shading, or highlighting to match or improve the visibility and appearance of the specimen, and restoration means the replacement of missing pieces or parts of the fossil. Restoration is an established and widely recognized method of returning a fossil to near original appearance. The quality of the restoration is more important than the amount of restoration. With few exceptions, our fossils have been prepared by some of the best in the business.

On the following pages you will find many well identified examples of the kinds and quality of specimens that we, as a concerned and law-abiding fossil dealer, care to offer. Sections are identified as follows:

Trilobites: Page 2
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Fish, shrimp, vertebrates:  Page 5 and Page 6
Dinosaur fossils: Page 7 and Page 8
Plants, Insects, and Miscellaneous:   Page 9  and Page 10


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